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I’m a busy Mum just like you. I’m also just like every other woman in that I really do want to take pride in myself, look after my body, feel good about the way I look and have loads of energy. But with two small children (Aurora is 6 so in now in School, Bella is 3 and still at home with me except for two morning at Nursery), plus a home to run and husband to cook for and clean up after that leaves very little time and energy left for us Mums to have ‘me time’. Child-free time for the gym or classes? Nope. Strict meal plans than mean making separate meals for everyone? No thank you. An hour a day to exercise? If only!

The BodyBack programme was developed out of necessity for me as well as you. I know it works I follow the systems I’ve created every day, and because I had to create an online system that does work, because us Mums don’t really have any other options. And it’s helping countless other Mums too. just check out some of the Success Stories so far. I hope you will join me and my other BodyBack members and be part of this supportive community of inspiring, smart, committed women who are all finally getting their Body Back!

The BodyBack programme

Mums, it’s time to get your confidence and energy back, feel great when you look in the mirror and feel ‘like your old self‘ again.

The BodyBack programme is designed for frustrated, time poor, and exhausted Mums like you. Temporary diets aren’t sustainable so that’s why I’ll be supporting you to create effective changes that are sustainable for life. I’ll be there to give you motivation and encouragement, with personal direct support, whenever you need it.

All I ask is that you only apply if you want permanent change not a temporary fix, as starvation and hours on the treadmill are not realistic methods. Book online today and I promise that if you stick with the programme for the minimum 3 months I need you to commit to, you will see results and feel fantastic.

As seen in..

I did my fitness test last week. Have done the workout 3-4 times this week. Loving it! Lost 2 inches on my hips and an inch on my waist and I don't feel like I'm dieting, just making healthy choices.

Tara Atkins               

I have (apart from a couple of moments) stuck to the eating formula and am feeling much better for it. Even the kids are eating more healthily, and my boyfriend is having to be default! lol.

Must be looking better though as have had loads of people commenting on my weight! - all positive of course, and asking how to do it. Have directed them all to your main website so hopefully you will have a few take up the plan

Debbie Doyle           

Just finished the week one workout! Usually go for a 30 min jog to get the heart rate going and was unsure how much I would get from a 30min workout in my front room. How wrong was I?! Really good workouts! It definitely got my heart and body working!!

Hannah Light        

The programme itself I found great, and very encouraging having a mentor on a pretty much 24/7 call to give tailored advice!

Kez Abbatt           

I'm coming to the end of my 6 week course. Despite nearly 2 weeks of no workouts because of a horrible virus that wiped me out, I have lost 6lb, never feel hungry and lost about 3% body fat. I will definitely keep on with the formula as it works for me. I am not missing sugar (by the way the Choc nut bars are FAB and you will NEVER crave chocolate if you have these in your fridge), enjoy the PB&J smoothies for breakfast most mornings which keeps me going for ages. Thank you Pollyanna Hale this has worked for me xxx

Anna Kipling           

Hello everyone! i'm on week 3, the tools really do help you stay on track. I have lost 7lbs so far!! 🙂

Louise Gray           

Here’s What Your Will Get:

  • All workouts are only 30 minutes long (just 2% of your day)Continuous and personal direct support from me
  • Exclusive use of the Members Resources for course materials and knowledge building
  • Dedicated Cookbook for interesting meals that keep hunger pangs low and energy high
  • Custom built interactive progress tracker software – chart your success
  • Beauty, Skincare & Lifestyle section – the cherry on the wellbeing cake!
  • Accessible 24/7/365 – train anywhere and whenever it suits you!


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your ‘BodyBack’ which is why we are proud to offer you a 7 day Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

If you decide you don’t want to continue your membership, simply request your membership be cancelled by emailing us within 7 days of signing up and you will be fully refunded any moneys paid during that time. You will always be welcome to come back to me another time when you are ready.

Are you of a mind to change or looking for a magic short-cut?

We are very proud to offer this satisfaction guarantee, for we know it will work if you commit to a new you and really want a better you. But we don’t have a magic wand, magic beans or a fairy god mother to give you the body you want. You have to work for it, earn it and be proud of your accomplishments.

We will be there to help you every step of the way, in every way that we can, but it is only you, who can change you!

Remember the proverb...

“If you always do, what you have always done, you will always get, what you always got. If you don’t like what you are getting, you have to change what you are doing!”

– Anon

…like with many things, change can be a scary thing. We understand that, which is why we have not just parcelled up our programs into another fitness DVD! We have designed this online service to help and support you, we want to be different to the other gyms, DVD’s and fitness programs you can choose from. Therefore, we offer this guarantee on for our service, our dedication, our commitment, our professionalism and our ability to help you.

Our programs, provide all the personal support and tools you need to get your ‘BodyBack’, but at the end of the day, it is your body, and you who has to make the changes and commitment to succeed. We really do want to be there to help you in all ways that we can, so when we offer this guarantee, we do so as a reflection of our abilities to up-hold our part of the agreement.

It is not a guarantee for getting your body back, if you remain on the sofa, watching the workouts, eating crisps and drinking fizzy pop(maybe change this to biscuits and instant/just add water sugary cappuccinos or something as this is more likely to be a mum’s choice of snack/drink than fizz)! If you think this is you, why waste our time and yours to begin with – no one, no company, no magic pill will ever just give you the body and health you desire. We have the tools to share with you, it’s up to you to use them.

How it works

We want you to have complete piece of mind, that your monetary investment is safe, allowing you to try The Fit Mum Formula. From the moment you first purchase a The Fit Mum Formula membership and gain access to the Members’ Only areas of the website, the 7 day guarantee period is initiated. This limited guarantee time will automatically come to an end after 7 days.

Cancellation requests made within this time will result in a cessation of your membership and no money will be taken from your bank. After 7 days one month’s payment will be taken and then normal cancellation policies apply. Please read the Refund and Cancellation Policy for more details.

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