1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching - THE FIT MUM FORMULA

Do you need a more personal, hands on approach?

Maybe you've tried following plans and reading books, yet you still can't make yourself eat well consistently enough to lose weight.

can't stick to a diet

Community group weight loss systems can be both intimidating and embarrassing, and while they work for some people, they won't be right for everyone, and it can be hard to find something that's finally going to work for you that's both affordable yet personal.

Gym memberships are pointless if you don't use them or don't address your diet too (and very few gyms offer nutritional support), and hourly sessions with a Dietician could be upwards of £60 a week.

But you KNOW what to do, for the most part, right?!

You've tried every diet going

You've lost and regained the weight, possibly more than once

You're curious and smart and have already read lots about healthy eating and diets on the internet

You own 'diet' or 'healthy eating' cookbooks

You know how to cook basic, simple meals, even if you don't always have time

We Need To Talk

Because it sound like you're one of those Mums who 'needs someone to slap the cake out of their hands'.

You don't need a complex meal plan, because that's extra stress and actually you do pretty much know what to eat, maybe with a little tweaking after we've looked over what 'healthy eating' means to you. There's a lot of dogma and nonsense in the internet-sphere so I wouldn't blame you if you'd picked up some misinformation along the way.

But you do need a good solid starting point and a plan on how to move forward.

Then, most importantly (because habits rarely stick from day one), you need regular check-ins and reviews, someone to turn to whenever you have a question or get stuck or suddenly find yourself at a last minute social gathering and aren't sure how to navigate the buffet table without blowing all your efforts away in one alcohol and sausage roll fueled meal.

How's Your Relationship?

With food I mean.

Did you grow up in a house where constant talk of dieting and wobbly thighs and low fat recipes were the norm? Me too.

Were you bullied or felt self conscious at school for how you looked (whether you really had a 'looks/weight' problem or not)? Me too.

Have you done so much worrying about food and 'trying to get it right' that you've lost all touch with what normal, healthy eating is? (hint if you ate normally and healthily you'd naturally be a healthy weight)? I did that too.

In fact I went one step further and developed a very serious eating disorder, end up being hospitalised several times for anorexia. Having a normal, healthy relationship with your body and food is something I'm deeply passionate about. I've been to the depths of the other side and it's horrible. I will not let you develop unhealthy or obsessive emotional rituals around food, and while I'm not a psychologist, with my experience of helping hundreds of women with 'emotional eating' issues I will help you overcome your existing deep rooted food issues.

Together we will:

  • Examine what's worked and not worked for you in the past, what you liked and didn't like, your food preferences and lifestyle and together decide on a way of eating that works for you that you feel confident you can stick to. You'll start feeling healthier and even lose a bit of weight very soon.
  • You'll be keeping a record of what you eat. Studies show that even nutrition professionals are very inaccurate when we try and recall every detail about everything we've eaten, so if we can't do it then it's much better we have a system for this, and you'll decide which method you'd prefer. You need to trust and be honest with me about everything you are eating if I am to help you.
  • Finally we'll talk regularly and go over your food diaries, what's gone well, what hasn't, we'll course correct any problems and make changes so you're always making progress, moving forward, and both getting the weight loss and/or health results you want but also making sure these habits stick, for life! 


How long will I be working with you?

There's not set time as we'll do it for as long as you need to be confident to 'got it alone', which is going to be different for each person, however we start with committing to three months to make sure new habits really stick then we'll assess if you want or need more time.

What if I travel a lot or eat at work events?

It's something I've helped other working Mums with before, and there will always be a way of making better choices that I'll help you make. You won't even be 'that person' taking their own tupperware meals to the office buffet!

A lot of my meals and food revolve around my family, I don't want to be making special food just for me!

I specialise in helping Mums, because I am one myself and I get it! I'll never make you prepare separate meals to your family, and I also won't be forcing your kids or significant others into eating fussy unfamiliar recipes or 'diet food', because we both know that won't end well! 

How much does it cost?

It's better we work out what you need first then I can give you an accurate quote, but as an example, the system outlined above is just £47 a month, or just over £10 a week, so extremely affordable. I can do this as I work online which cuts overheads like office space and travel, and use time saving systems for both of us, the savings of which I  can pass on to you. 

How Do I Start?

Since this a 1-2-1 service and there are only so many hours in the day I'll have to see if I've got space right now.

Add your name to the waiting list below and I'll get back to you either way within 48 hours.

If I've got space, great! Adding yourself to the list does not commit you to working with me but we'll have a chat and see if it's right for you. If I'm fully booked, I'll let you know and we'll talk about some alternatives you could do in the mean time, and promise to let you know as soon as space comes up 🙂

p.s. you'll also receive general emails with tonnes of helpful nutrition and motivational help that I know will be super valuable, but you can unsubscribe at any time.