Give me 3 months and I’ll get you your BodyBack

How I created a system for busy Mums

You have most likely come to The Fit Mum Formula because you are looking to do one or more of the following things:

  • Lose weight
  • Tone up
  • Have more energy

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About me

I’m a busy Mum just like you. I’m also just like every other woman in that I really do want to take pride in myself, look after my body, feel good about the way I look and have loads of energy. But with two small children (Aurora is 9, Bella is 6 at the time of writing), plus a home to run and husband to cook for and clean up after that leaves very little time and energy left for us Mums to have ‘me time’.

Child-free time for the gym or classes? Nope.

Strict meal plans than mean making separate meals for everyone? No thank you.

An hour a day to exercise? If only!

I used to be at full time Performing Arts school, and dancing 5-7 hours a day kept me extremely fit. But by the time I switched to do a Health and Beauty Therapy Management qualification I was fed up of pushing my body to extremes, so stopped exercising all together and instead kept my weight low on a diet of processed food, low calorie junk food snacks like fat free cookies, and diet ice cream whilst staying on my feet all day as a beauty therapist. I'd gone through years of serious eating disorders and was struggling to balance body image issues and poor confidence with a desire to look and feel good at last, yet confusion around what food my body needed, picking up what I now know to be untrue and unhelpful advice in magazines. 

I was very slim, but I wasn’t fit or strong. I was a classic skinny-fat. I had no energy, slept poorly, and though I fitted into size 6 clothes in a bikini my body looked like one of someone much older – I had absolutely no muscle tone, and once I had my first daughter in 2009, well as you can imagine I had real problems with my tummy and back after carrying a 7 lb 11 baby (I’m only 5 ft 2). At one time I even looked into surgery to get my ‘abs’ back together because I’d heard a rumour that’s what Madonna did! Yet with a baby to look after at home I had even less time to devote to my own health.

But all that changed when I was introduced to some concepts that changed my life, attitude towards my health, and my body – the idea that to get my body, health, and energy back I need to fuel it properly and build muscle, while at the same time burning fat (remember I said I was skinny-fat? Yes I had fat over the top of those bones!).

It’s not always as simple as eating fewer calories and moving around more. That’s what got me into that mess in the first place!

So I read every book I could get my hands on, tried and tested exercise techniques, investigated various dietary methods, and qualified as a personal trainer specialising in circuits and kettlebell training, becoming a Metabolic Conditioning Nutritional Consultant, and did some more qualifications through the Association For Nutrition, all the while working on myself and with other women to learn the techniques that are best for females who need to lose weight and tone up while having more energy, but need results fast with minimal time and effort put in.

With hardly any time or energy to exercise and plan laborious meals I had to think of a way for Mums to get their pre-baby body back with techniques that required minimum time and effort. The information had to be delivered in a way that revolves around family life, so an online programme is the only option for most Mums. The Fit Mum Formula was born.

You too can lose weight and your BodyBack in just three months with my help.

The BodyBack programme was developed out of necessity for me as well as you. I know it works I follow the systems I’ve created every day, and because I had to create an online system that does work, because us Mums don’t really have any other options. And it’s helping countless other Mums too. just check out some of the Success Stories so far.

I did my fitness test last week. Have done the workout 3-4 times this week. Loving it! Lost 2 inches on my hips and an inch on my waist and I don't feel like I'm dieting, just making healthy choices.

Tara Atkins               

I have (apart from a couple of moments) stuck to the eating formula and am feeling much better for it. Even the kids are eating more healthily, and my boyfriend is having to be default! lol.

Must be looking better though as have had loads of people commenting on my weight! - all positive of course, and asking how to do it. Have directed them all to your main website so hopefully you will have a few take up the plan

Debbie Doyle           

Just finished the week one workout! Usually go for a 30min jog to get the heart rate going and was unsure how much I would get from a 30min workout in my front room. How wrong was I?! Really good workout video girls! It definitely got my heart and body working!!

Hannah Le Bail           

The programme itself I found great and very encouraging having the mentors on a pretty much 24/7 call to give tailored advice! The only negative was the lack of meal planners/healthy eating tips but these did start to come into effect towards the end of the course so obviously just a teething problem with technology lol x

Kez Abbatt           

I'm coming to the end of my 6 week course. Despite nearly 2 weeks of no workouts because of a horrible virus that wiped me out, I have lost 6lb, never feel hungry and lost about 3% body fat. I will definitely keep on with the formula as it works for me. I am not missing sugar (by the way the Choc nut bars are FAB and you will NEVER crave chocolate if you have these in your fridge), enjoy the PB&J smoothies for breakfast most mornings which keeps me going for ages. Thank you Pollyanna Hale this has worked for me xxx

Anna Kipling           

Hello everyone! i'm on week 3, the tools really do help you stay on track. I have lost 7lbs so far!! 🙂

Louise Gray           

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