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20 Ways to Boost Weight Loss Motivation

bored weight loss motivation

Turning to health & fitness blogs and magazines to boost weight loss motivation can sometimes backfire.


Images of ‘perfect’ slim models are, in my experience as a weight loss coach, more likely to make you want to hide in your onesie and eat Maltesers than do some squats.


But staying motivated is essential for long term success.


Let’s just clarify that being motivated and doing what you need to do aren’t the same thing –

Just because you don’t feel like doing something doesn’t mean you can’t do it anyway.

Nike trainers cottoned onto this early – Just Do It. 

But this concept wears thin after a while, so staying motivated is important.


Staying motivated on a weight loss diet and exercise programme isn’t always easy.


It’s not plain sailing and there will be some days that you feel revved up and driven to succeed and hit your goals, other days you’d rather watch box sets and eat ice cream all day.

There are many reasons for waning motivation, including not having clear goals, not sleeping enough, and stress.

But there are some things you can do, to be proactive in helping to increase your weight loss motivation.


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