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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Pollyanna Hale

Just who is this person Pollyanna Hale, behind The Fit Mum Formula?


This post serves no other purpose other than to entertain you, for you to get to know me a bit better, and hopefully for you to get to like me a bit better too!

As you can see I’m a bit silly really, from magic tricks to Mickey Mouse, I don’t tend to take life too seriously.

Enjoy 🙂
  1. I once nicked a load of coloured inks from the school art department and put a different colour in each of the loo cisterns on the last day of term, resulting in a very colourful row of toilets. I don’t advocate stealing, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun.

2. I am the eldest of no less than 8 siblings – 1 ‘full’ brother, 1 step brother, 1 half-brother, and 4 half-sisters. There’s 15 years between myself and the youngest, Sophie. We don’t call each other step or half – we’re a unit tighter than hot pants on an elephant.

3. I’m obsessed with fairies, dragons and witches. Always have been since I renamed Variation on Paganini’s “24th Caprice” by Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘fairies and witches’ at a very young age and my Dad would play it as I pranced round our living room in a tutu. I have various ornaments that have been relegated to the kids’ bedrooms by my husband.

4. I once auditioned for The Lion King in the West End. I didn’t get it. I didn’t have black skin. (Still don’t, incidentally).

5. At my last count at age 14 I had more than 500 posters of the boy band Boyzone creating a collage over every inch of my bedroom walls and ceiling.


6. I still own every single poster (see previous fact) – they’re in an art folder in my attic. And no I’m not going to chuck them.

7. I’m asthmatic, but I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 31. I could never run, and being called ‘unfit’ and ‘lazy’ at school haunts me to this day. It makes me angry that it wasn’t picked up on however much I complained I couldn’t breathe.

8. I can’t stand chorizo, but I love Marmite. I’ve experimented with everything – Marmite omelettes, Marmite pancakes, Marmite marinated steak. My husband refuses to kiss me if I’ve eaten it.

9. I caused my 1 year old brother to need stitches in his head when I was 3. I couldn’t reach the ceiling, so made him stand on a chair to see if he could, and you know what happened next. Innocent child logic.

10. I’ve been teetotal since I was 18 (the irony). I spent my entire savings partying the Summer following my A-Levels, and got everything you could possibly imagine out of my system. If I attempted it again I probably wouldn’t live to tell the tale.

11. I once (aged 17) got on a train to Scotland at 4am with £10 in my purse to see my then boyfriend who had been arrested 8 hours before and was likely being sent to prison. I didn’t tell anyone where I was and spent 4 days couch surfing in a bedsit aka drug dealer den living off bacon rolls.

12, I’m related to Winston Churchill on my paternal Grandmothers’ side. He’s my Great, Great, Uncle in Law or something. I once told someone at school and Chinese whispers turned it into Christopher Columbus was my second cousin.

13. I once persuaded my step brother that if he drunk my mouthwash and orange squash magic potion (I’d been reading Georges Marvellous Medicine) he’d be able to fly. Luckily he survived dive bombing off the bunk bed and only felt a bit nauseous.

14. I was in the James Bond movie SkyFall. I only do ‘extra’ film work if it looks interesting as it doesn’t pay well. Spending 2 sixteen hour days on a secret part of the London Underground was tiring but fascinating. I was 8 week’s pregnant with Bella at the time, though I didn’t know it.

15. I cannot sew to save my life. I don’t have the patience. I still get my Mum to put name tags on my kids’ school uniform.

16. I have wanted to visit the tropical Islands around Thailand since I watched ‘The Beach’. Though I think it’d feel like an utter disappointment if I didn’t get land a steamy relationship with Leonardo di Caprio while I was there.

17. I have not gone a day in about 6 years without eating chocolate in some form or another. These days it’s the healthier stuff – I cook with 99% dark chocolate and put organic cocoa powder in my coffee.

18. I own a 6ft tall fluffy stuffed Mickey Mouse. He’s in Aurora’s room now, but I still insist he belongs to me.

19. I worked as a magician’s assistant to a member of the Magic Circle. I can still pull a rope through my neck.

20. I have a scar on my shin I tell people I got snorkelling, from a rock. It’s actually from self-harming when I was in my late teens. I’m very pleased that part of my life is over now.

21. I love rollercoasters and have yet to find one too big or scary, but even the smallest water slide petrifies me.

22. When it comes to politics, I vote me. In that, whatever happens, I’ll be fine because I’ll make it work for me.

23. I am obsessive about my skincare routine. My Step-Mum got me into having a good skincare routing from an early age and she looks great. I never miss a bi-weekly face mask let alone dare go to sleep with my makeup on. Environ is my current brand of choice at the time of writing.

24. I was christened Church of England, but I actually believe in many Wiccan principals. People think it’s Devil worshiping. Actually it’s another form of Christianity.

25. I have a tattoo on my right butt cheek – an oriental symbol that translates to ‘desire’. I got it done when I was 16 by faking my birth certificate.

So there you have it, 25 pointless facts that won’t improve your life in any way, apart from I hope it made you smile 🙂

I’d love to get to know you too – tell me some facts about yourself in the comments below!



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