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5 Healthy Gifts for Dad

gifts for dad

Finding gifts for Dad is hard at the best of times, why is it that men are so hard to shop for?!


In our house it’s that James is a terrible spender and while he doesn’t want a lot, if he does see something he just goes and buys it, meaning there’s nothing left ‘on the list’ for birthdays, Christmas or Father’s Day!


And both my own Dad and Step-Dad like to keep life simple and don’t want more ‘clutter’.


In fact in recent years we’ve taken to getting ‘experiences’ such as vouchers for meals out, something to do rather than have.


But if like my hubby the Dad in your life has noticed his belly is getting bigger with each year then you could help him fix that with these health & fitness gifts to encourage him to do something about it!

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Workout Clothes

Most men will always vote quality over quantity which makes eco friendly Sundried clothing a stylish and comfortable choice that he’ll actually enjoy wearing (and maybe even exercising in?!)

The four way stretch and sweat absorbing technology are made with super quick drying eco-friendly materials, and you can get a huge 50% off all Sundried clothing with the code TFMF at the checkout here. 



Gym Wash Set

A healthy, fit and energised Dad is much more fun than one who spends all day slobbed in front of the telly, but not if he comes home stinking like a pig! A decent wash set from Ted Baker containing a hair & body wash and body spray in a zip lock bag will sort that!


Healthy Chocolate Bars

Quest protein bars are my favourite both because they’re high protein, contain minimal, natural ingredients, have no added sugar or nasties and are darn tasty! If he’s a chocoholic he’ll love Rocky Road or Cookies & Cream flavours.


Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Not all exercises require the same weights so an adjustable set is super useful as you can add or take away plates as necessary. In fact you might end up wanting to borrow this yourself!



Dad’s Gym Towel

This “Keep Going Daddy” gym towel is so cute I couldn’t not include it! Having his own special towel might stop him pinching your nice John Lewis hand towels to wipe his armpits with too!


Don’t forget to set aside 20 minutes with the kids to get busy with paper & pens to make a card, and if he keeps up this new healthy lifestyle you’ll barely recognise him by next year’s Father’s Day!

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