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7 Ways To Eat Healthy on a Budget

Choosing to eat healthy on a budget isn’t impossible.

Even if you earn ok money, perhaps you are saving for a holiday or home improvements, and want to save on daily outgoings like food instead.

But many families really need to stick to a tight budget, especially when women stop or cut down work to raise children.

eat healthy on a budget

I chose to stay at home too, even now I work around the kids with Bella only at Nursary three mornings, so I do understand when time and money no longer become disposable!

But that doesn’t mean we care any less about our family’s health, so how do we achieve this on a tight budget?

Here’s 7 Tips To Eat Healthy on a Budget

1.  Stop buying chicken legs and thighs – even for a barbeque. Buy a whole chicken, the largest one you can find, butterfly it (see YouTube for instructions), and barbeque the whole thing, flattening it under a brick.

2. Get a veg box – even a more upmarket one like Riverford Organic, as the boxes are so generous you get a lot for your money.

3. Omlettes, frittata and pancakes can be filled with pretty much anything – leftover veg, a spoon of bolognese, bits of cheese, don’t dismiss it until you try it!

4. Have a pick n’ mix picnic – put all your leftover bits and pieces that need eating up, both hot and cold, on the table, buffet style, and let peple help themselves. You might not have thought of serving casserole with a side of stir fried bean sprouts, but you’d be amazed what people are happy to eat when presented with food in this way. It’s more fun than a formal meal for kids too.

5. Raid the ‘reduced’ shelves in the supermarket. I often see ‘junk’ like chocolate mousse and ready meals but the majority of the time there’s fish from the counter and meat too. Vegetables really need to be used that day but get the meat and fish (which are the expensive bits anyway) and put them in your freezer when you get home.

6. Stop feeling guilty about that gym membership you don’t use enough and switch to something more affordable that fits easily into your life. My BodyBack Mums get personal support for both diet and exercise and it’s cheaper than Slimming World!


Many great value ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off all orders!


Naughty tip no. 7 – get a take-out mug of hot water from the coffee shop and bring your own coffee / tea bags in a little tupperware box to sneak in (and help yourself to their milk) – put some change in the tips jar or charity pot and save yourself a couple of quid.

If you are struggling to find ways to eat on a budget please do ask anytime, I’ve helped hundreds of Mums in all sorts of situations and often there’s some little things they just didn’t think of but are actually really simple. Comment below or email me at polly@thefitmumformula.com and I’ll d my best to help.

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