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SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bowflex SelectTech adjustable Dumbbells Review

While dumbbells are useful and versatile workout equipment small enough to have at home, adjustable dumbbells mean you can change the weights without having to buy loads of pairs which take up too much space.


While most adjustable dumbbells are essentially a mini barbell in that you add or remove weight plates as needed, the SelectTech dumbbells are remarkably clever in that you can change the weight at a flick of a switch in a couple of seconds, saving a tonne of time faffing around.


When you have to keep switching the weight plates, you either have to spend more time exercising when you add up all the weight changing (which let’s face it us busy Mums don’t have), or keep your workout time the same but waste half of it messing around screwing on plates. Simply turn the dial and plates will be released into the base so when you lift up the dumbbell you’re left with the exact weights you specified.


The benefits of dumbbells

Dumbbells are so versatile in that you can do so many different exercises with them, covering all body parts.

They can also be added to exercises to make them harder such as doing hip thrusts with weights resting on your hips, or hold them at your side while you squat.


Watch this video where I demonstrate how simple it is to use the SelectTech adjustable dumbbells, then you’ll find them at Fitness Superstore here. 

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