Advent, derived from the Latin word for ‘coming’, is the term given to the three weeks leading up to Christmas, or more specifically, the birth of Jesus.

Many of you doing The Fit Mum Formula’s Bodyback programme are Mums; do you remember those final weeks? How could you forget, right?! Backache, heartburn, swollen ankles, Braxton Hicks, the sleepless nights often start long before baby arrives!

Exhaustion is an understatement, and low and behold, the babies grow into toddlers who grow into children… and you’re still exhausted!

The birth of your baby and the blessed experience of bringing up children is a miracle of a gift that we can all be thankful for. It would just be nice to have a bit more energy so that we can fully enjoy and embrace the short time before they fly the nest.

Well actually you can, if you know how. ‘Rest’, ‘eat healthily’, ‘get outdoors’; the advice given is so vague and bland and, quite frankly just obvious, so it’s no wonder that try as we might we just never feel like that was quite enough sleep.

The body is complex; science is complex; the way our bodies react to food, exercise and lifestyle choices are complex. We can only benefit from understanding these complexities, knowledge is power after all, and in leading a fat loss lifestyle you will learn how to optimise the way your body functions so that you really can embrace life to the full.

So, Christmas might be coming, but you won’t be suffering the hangovers, the overindulgence induced heaviness in your stomach and lack of energy. You will still be able to get into your skinny jeans on the 26th, and not because you’re on a diet (who wants to diet at Christmas?!) but because you’ve found a lifestyle that will keep your mind focused (be gone, baby brain), your energy high (let’s go play, kids!), and your body trim (did someone say Yummy Mummy?), for every day of the year.

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