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Advice on Protein For Women

protein for women

Are the recommendations on protein for women the same as for men?


Do most women need more protein need more protein than they’re currently eating?


Why? And if so, what’s the best way to get that protein?


The Huffington Post asked me if, and why, I use protein shakes.


I love (quality) protein powders – tasty, convenient, and yes, healthy!

Here’s the article where you can find out how to add protein powder into your diet; my part is:

“Pollyanna Hale, 33, incorporated more protein into her diet four years ago when she upped her workouts. As well as having protein shakes, she added protein powder to snacks such as her oats.

She’d previously been put off by the marketing of protein powders (”They often come in huge macho looking tubs with bodybuilders on the outside!”), but educated herself on how they could benefit her.

“The ‘strong not skinny’ movement has definitely fuelled women’s desire to strength train which I think is great as it’s so good for both physical mental health and confidence,” she told HuffPost UK.

“Women are becoming more educated that good nutrition is equally important, and protein shakes can be part of a good healthy diet.” ”


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Here’s Why More Women Are Increasing Protein In Their Diets, And The Right Way To Do It

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