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Alternative Exercises for Injuries pt. 1 – Lunges (video)

Ever been in an exercise class where the instructor has not given any alternative exercises or variations to adapt for different fitness levels?

Or perhaps you went in with a minor injury hoping you could just leave that foot/arm/*insert body part* out and just do whatever you can but the class leader has provided absolutely no help or alternative exercise suggestions you could do instead?

It’s a shame because it’s actually part of a basic fitness instructing qualification, but most instructors won’t bother given that as the ‘injured person’ you’re in the minority.

Which is really silly because adapting workouts and exercises is actually so simple when you know how.

Sometimes injuries or medical conditions prevent us from performing certain exercises.

Like one of my BodyBack members recently who had trouble with forward lunges due to arthritis in one foot, meaning bending at the toe joint in that foot was pretty much impossible.

And by the way this isn’t a 70 yr old Grandma – arthritis can strike at any age especially if you do something repetitively such as massage therapists and people who type on a computer all day using their hands.

Arthritis or even a simple (but painful!) toe stub can make bending the toe joints extremely uncomfortable or even very painful.

In this video I show you how to swap out lunges for an alternative solution if you have problems bending one or both feet at the toe joints.

If YOU have an injury or condition that means you can’t do certain exercises drop me a line at and I’ll make you personally a video – that’s a promise.

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