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How to exercise for an apple shaped body

apple shaped body

An apple shaped body is one that’s rounder at the middle, with fat stored mostly around the waist.


This is most commonly seen in men as women’s hormones tend to make us girls store fat on our hips, bum and thighs.


Some women are still apple shapes though, especially after menopause when hormones change fat storage patterns.

Apple shaped people often have skinny legs and arms at the same time, hence the round ‘apple’ reference to the person’s shape. This is actually not a great place to store fat as it’s more dangerous to health than say, having round thighs.


A large waist to hip ratio (as opposed to large hips and slim waist) is associated with increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So what can you do about it?


A lower GI diet that’s low in sugar will help with the insulin resistance that comes with belly fat and help stabilise blood sugar, preventing diabetes.

In terms of exercise, HIIT is great for improving insulin sensitivity and burning calories.

Leg and arm weight training, or body weight exercises such as press ups,  squats and squats will help put some muscle onto those skinny limbs.

Ironically, lots of sit ups won’t necessarily flatten the tummy unless the fat on top is burned off at the same time. Rather, good posture and holding your tummy in while you do any exercise will help tone ab muscles.

But don’t over do it – stress is connected with belly fat storage so lots of sleep will help too.

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