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The Dirty Secrets Behind Before and After Photos.

before and after photos

Before and After photos are any weight loss company’s favourite way to persuade you that their product can get results.

But did you know that it is not only possible but also very commonly done to either use clever ticks to enhance the appearance of a person in a photo, manipulate the images to show what you want them to show, or even pay to get hold of photos of what you want to be demonstrating?!


Any body-transformation product, be that dietary, exercise, supplements, salon treatments etc, really needs photos to show the changes that can take place in people using their product, but how many of the photos you’ve seen (and you will have seen them, they’re everywhere), are genuine, unadulterated photos of genuine clients or users of the product being sold?

Here are some of the things the photo might not be telling you.

  1. Fake Tan. This makes people appear slimmer. It’s a popular trick many people use day to day as well as for photos.
  2. Streaked down limbs it gives a longer, leaner appearance
  3. Shading and highlighting. Basically using makeup to create shadows that make bodies appear more streamlined.
  4. Holding in the tummy, tensing buttocks etc. Anyone can do this.
  5. Pay someone for their good Before & After photos, even if they weren’t using the product being sold.
  6. Pay a slim person to take a photo, put on weight, then take another photo. Yes this seriously does happen!
  7. A no-brainer, used all the time.
  8. Using two different people. Look closely, they look very similar.


Next time you see fantastic before and after photos from a company you think look great, make sure they’re not fooling you with fake photos!


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