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Best Ab Exercises for Diastasis Recti

These alternative tummy exercises for Diastasis Recti are a must watch if your tummy muscles didn’t close properly after having a baby. 

If you have Diastasis Recti (see image) then you need to be careful what abdominal exercises you do, as traditional ‘ab’ exercises and crunches don’t help, and may actually make it worse from straining your muscles as you pull yourself up.

If you’ve ever tried to correct Diastasis Recti by doing hundreds of sit ups each day only to see no or little improvement, now you know why!

exercises for diastasis recti

Here are three alternative exercises which engage your core muscles without straining and making your diastasis worse, and in time will help to correct it and close the gap.

For a video on how to check whether you have Diastasis Recti (it can be done at home), Click Here. 


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