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The Best Butt Exercise Ever

If you want a bottom that’s more pert than pancake, more solid than saggy, then the best butt exercise to achieve that is coming right up in the video below.


Even if your goal is to lose weight and have a smaller bottom, you still want the end results to be a round, pert butt rather than a flat squishy one!


My current obsession with trying to perk up my own bottom is proof itself that this part of your body doesn’t ‘naturally’ tone up like other areas.

You use your arms every day – washing up, carrying kids, changing the bed, even typing on a computer. Women don’t generally have a problem getting a toned upper body once excess fat has been lost.

But bottoms? That’s a bit more challenging.

You can’t ‘diet off’ a flabby butt. If you lose weight through dieting alone you’ll achieve a smaller, but still fat and soggy, rear end.

Building a bikini bottom requires getting specific with the best butt exercises you can find, that leave your bottom burning like you want to go sit in a bucket of ice!

Gluteal exercises like Glute Bridges are fantastic for building a round bottom.

Remember to squeeze your butt cheeks and make sure they’re doing the work, not your thighs or lower back.

Make it harder by:

  • adding weight – dumbbells or barbells laid across your hips
  • doing more reps
  • place your feet on something like a foot stall or the edge of your sofa
  • lean on something behind you (again a sofa works), resting your elbows on the sofa so your upper body is elevated


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