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What’s The Best Time To Exercise?

What is the best time to exercise?

Earlier or later in the day?

Is it ok to do a ‘fasted workout’ i.e. before food or should you eat before?

clock best time to exercise

What about pre-workout supplements containing Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and caffeine?

In the video below I answer this and show you how to decided what the best time for you is.

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What’s the best time to exercise? If only there was one answer!

Like food types and amounts, sleep routines and everything else in life, the best time to exercise is going to be individual to you.

There’s no science backing up whether certain times of the day are better for fat loss. But when you exercise may influence how you feel, and that will have knock on effects on other areas of your life.

Lively Lark

You’re a morning person, your energy is highest and you motivation is at it’s best first thing. You tend to make good choices for breakfast and are efficient at making decisions earlier in the day. Don’t dismiss this time even if you’ve got school runs to do or work to get to. Remember The Fit Mum Formula workout are only 30 minutes long so you can be showered and dressed by 7 and still have time to make breakfast for you and anyone else, and be out the door by 8. Cortisol levels are high in the morning in most people, and cortisol combined with resistance exercise is great for building muscle. It’s a good idea to have a pre-workout supplement or drink containing branched chain amino acids (and caffeine if you need a little boost) if you want to wait until afterwards for breakfast, as this will help fuel your workout and prevent muscle breakdown.

Lunchtime work-out break

Lunchtime is a great opportunity to get away from your desk and get some fresh air and your blood pumping. You’ll have more energy and focus throughout the afternoon and are less likely to get backache from sitting in chairs all day. You can have a pre-workout supplement before if you like, but save eating lunch for afterwards – exercising on a full stomach can cause digestive upsets, and eating soon after exercise will mean you optimise muscle recovery.

Active Owls

After work is often a convenient time for many people to exercise as their daily tasks have for the most part been done and you can set aside half an hour when you step in the door before cooking your evening meal. You’ll get the most out of your workout if you’ve got plenty of energy so make sure you’ve had a snack that afternoon and are not running on empty. If you want to use a pre-workout avoid caffeinated ones at this time or it may stop you from dropping off to sleep. Some people find exercise really stimulating (myself included) even without caffeine and may want to avoid exercising too close to bedtime.

Which time is best for you?

Watch the video and decide for yourself!

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