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What’s The Best Weight Loss Diet Plan?

best weight loss diet

Everyone is seeking that holy grail of nutrition; the best weight loss diet plan that’s effective, nutritious, tasty and convenient.


But does such a plan exist?


The problem is, we all have different lifestyles, preferences and tastes, not to mention different bodies!

So we’ll all respond slightly differently to different diets.

However there are some good things we can take away from all diets:

  • Vegan contains lots of pulses which have fibre and are great for gut health.
  • Paleo prioritises natural, whole foods.
  • Clean eating contains no processed or refined foods, but is a little less strict than Paleo.
  • Atkins allows ample fat, which we know now isn’t bad for us after all.
  • Mediterranean contains lots of fish, fresh vegetables, and olive oil, all fantastic for heart health in particular.
  • Raw foodies eat tonnes of veg & fruit.
  • Dukan is high in fibre.
  • Slimming World and Weight Watchers, while not my favourite companies in the world, do at least encourage portion, and therefore, calorie, control, and doesn’t unnecessarily demonize foods like some diets do.

The question is, which, if any, is right for you? Watch the video to help you decide.

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