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Black Friday Fitness £10 Special!

black friday fitness

Black Friday Fitness Special!

Flash Sale this week only!

black friday fitness


For Full Details of what you get on the BodyBack programme click here

But to summarise you’ll:

  • have more energy than you’ve had in years (think pre-kids!)
  • drop a couple of dress sizes or more (really depends on your needs)
  • tone up and feel stronger too, heavy shopping bags are a breeze!
  • crush the sugar cravings that have been making healthy choices impossible
  • stop wearing ‘long sleeves’ in Summer –strappy tops are back
  • feel happy going swimming in the pool with your kids, or on the beach on holiday (without a kaftan over your costume!)
  • get back in touch with your body’s hunger signals
  • repair unhealthy relationships with food
  • stop comfort eating
  • feel confident and happy about your body


Here’s just a few of the great features you get and why they will help you:

  • meal plans – ranging from copy & deploy to ‘build your own’
  • workouts – click & play, just follow along!
  • support group (reach me or other Mums any time)
  • recipes (optional – I’ll show you how to tweak your own family recipes if that’s more convenient for you)
  • fully customisable meals – suitable for any dietary requirements or food preferences
  • no banned foods
  • no hunger



Q:  I’m not great with technology, I’m worried I’ll get lost?

A: If you found your way to this page, you’ll manage it easily. The member site is no different to any other website, only it’s password protected to members only. The site is also mobile-friendly, so you can access it from your phone or tablet too if that’s easier for you.

Q: I’m quite a picky eater and so are my kids, will there be anything I can eat?

A: This is the problem with strict meal plans and why I find it works better with Mums to show you how you can tailor your meals around the foods you are happy to eat. So yes you’ll be fine.

Q: I’m really unfit and found circuits classes too hard before. Maybe I’m not ready for this yet?

A: I have a clever take on traditional workouts that dictate work-to-rest intervals. In a nutshell, the pace you workout at is determined by your current fitness level, making the workouts suitable for both beginners and more experienced exercisers.

Any other questions? Feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll be only too happy to answer any queries you have.


Normally this package starts at £97 for the three month plan, then an optional £10 per month for ongoing support PLUS a new meal plan sent to you every month.

But until midnight Sunday 25th November you can join for just £10 per month AND still get everything that’s included in the £97!

How? Email and I’ll send you the exclusive link to save nearly £100 and do the programme that’s got 100’s of Mums feeling and looking their very best once more.

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