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Body Type Exercises – what suits your shape?

body type exercises

Everyone wants to have the ‘ideal’ body shape, which for women is usually the typical hourglass, but what body type exercises should you be doing?


Body types typically fall into three categories; slim and straight (ectomorph), athletic and easily builds muscle (mesomorph), and endomorphs who are curvier or rounder. But in reality most people are a blend of more than one body type.


Believe it or not most people can all exercise exactly the same way if the only factor is body shape. Injuries, health history, fitness level and age will all determine what exercise type and intensity is appropriate, but body shape really does not for most people.

People who compete in physique competitions will also work each body part in turn until they get the ideal proportions to do well in the competition. But ‘competing’ is an extreme sport and most people reading this won’t fall into this category.

A common myth is that you can ‘spot reduce’ fat, that is burning fat from a particular area that is carrying more fat. Often this is good & thighs on a woman, or belly or back on a man. This is not true and you can‘t choose where you lose fat from. If only it was that easy!

An alternative is ‘spot enhancing’ – building up the muscles in certain areas which in turn will help balance out the rest of your figure.

I’ve inherited my Mum’s boy hips and straight up and and down figure, so I make sure I prioritise glute (bum) exercises to enhance (or attempt to get!) some curves.

Either way exercise and strength training is good for everyone regardless of shape.

Get strong and build some muscle with resistance training, burn excess fat with a calorie deficit, and you’ll be at least a lot closer to the body shape you want and more importantly you’ll feel much healthier too.

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