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Can You Change Your Body Weight Set Point?

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Your weight set point is the weight your body believes you need to be.


Your body will defend this weight, making weight loss (or gain) harder.


If you eat less, you will burn less in an attempt to stay at this weight ‘set point’.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work the same way so well – eating more will make you burn more, but for most people not as much as the reverse.

This makes gaining weight much easier than losing in in today’s world when we are never in a famine situation.

Plus your body doesn’t reason that you might need to lose weight – it will always prefer to have extra fat stores in case of future famine.

But thankfully it IS possible to change your body’s weight set point.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen with the RIGHT approach to losing weight.

Only losing weight the WRONG way creates the yo yo diet cycle.

(here’s the leptin/ghrelin video I mentioned too)

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