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Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

chocolate protein ice cream

For Summer puddings that aren’t packed with sugar but are packed with flavour and health benefits look no further than Protein Ice Cream!


The beauty of making your own protein ice cream is that the flavour and combinations are endless;


Add dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs, drizzle with sugar free syrup (yes there’s artificial sweeteners, no they’re not the end of the world on occasion), turn them into lollies by borrowing the kids’ lolly moulds or create epic deserts with healthy toppings like nuts, fruit, crumbled protein cakes and cookies, or have a scoop with your morning protein pancakes!

Each portion is about 110 calories which is very reasonable for a tasty afternoon snack, and I’d add some fruit too, maybe some chopped strawberries, or make a chunky coulis by simmering fresh or frozen cherries.

You can vary the flavour of the protein powder too – there are literally hundreds of flavours on the market from banana to cookie dough to cinnamon or even pumpkin pie!

My favourite brands of whey are Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey or Awesome Supplements, and I like Sun Warrior or Vega for vegan blends.

Or get totally natural unflavoured ones by Pulsin and get 10% off orders over £20, then simply flavour with fruit, stevia, cocoa powder, coffee granules, matcha tea powder or whatever else takes your fancy.


(Read this afterwards too: WheyHey Protein Ice Cream Review)


Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

Makes 4 portions


Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off all orders!



550ml almond milk (I used almond, dairy will be creamier but higher calorie)

75g chocolate Protein Powder (or vanilla + 3 tbsp cocoa powder)

Stevia (optional for extra sweetness)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract



Blend everything together like you’re making a protein shake – so preferably in a high speed blender to get any lumps out, though a shaker bottle will also do.

If you have an ice cream maker, pour the mix in and freeze as per your machine instructions.

To make without an ice cream machine, pour into a tupperwear tub and place in the freezer.

Every hour or so, give the mix a whisk with a fork. The mix will freeze around the edges first so scrape these in and whisk well. Eventually you’ll have a properly frozen ice cream!


chocolate protein ice cream


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