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9 Awesome Christmas Fitness Gifts

christmas fitness gift

Fitness gifts make excellent Christmas presents for lots of reasons.

They’re also a lot more personal than chocolates, booze and toiletries as they tell the receiver you really know what they are interested in.


And they’re certainly healthier than the first two!

Of course a little discretion is required.

I wouldn’t be too impressed with someone who gave me an exercise DVD because they thought I could do with losing a few pounds!

But I’d rather have a new kettlebell than a pair of shoes any day. Unless they’re fluffy slippers. I love fluffy slippers.


Anyway I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the best fitness gift options available, these coming from someone who would put them on their own list, as a fitness fan (i.e. me) 🙂

  1. Dumbbells

Small enough to keep at home, come in a range of sizes for all strength levels and exercise choices, and in fab colours that make your local gym’s selection look so dull by comparison!


2. Kettlebells

Like dumbbells these are so versatile and also come in a range of sizes and colours. Learning how to use one is definitely worth spending a little while looking up videos on YouTube. In fact a kettlebell is probably my single favourite piece of home equipment.


3. Weights Gloves

These inexpensive gloves make using weights, big or small, a much more pleasant experience. Blisters and hard skin on your palms are annoying, and don’t go with your Christmas party manicure at all 😉


4. Yoga Matt

Because carpet burns. And slippery floors. And stray lego pieces. Sundried do a lovely one, use code TFMF for 50% off.


5. Reflexology socks

Non-slip for safety and shows you where to apply pressure to your feet for a whole body experience. Not had reflexology before? I once worked as a therapist at a 5* spa and can honestly say it’s my absolute favourite – just try it. These make a great stocking filler (or even fill the actual socks?!)


6. TRX system

An additional weapon for the person who’s already quite into their exercise. It’s portable, versatile, and wow do you really feel your body working!


7. Gliding Discs

You might have to persuade your kids these are actually not a toy, though they are fun I’ll give you that. Very easy to use, there are types for both carpet and hard floors, and your tummy muscles will thank you.


8. Resistance Band

If you travel there’s no way you’ll get past luggage weight limits with weights in your suitcase (unless you choose to not bring clean clothes (?) ). But while it looks simple, a resistance band transforms simple exercises like press ups and leg lifts into tougher and more effective workouts. Also great for gently working individual muscles after injury, where weight bearing with heavy weights is not an option.


9. Healthy food hampers.

healthy hamper fitness gifts

After all that exercise you’re going to want to refuel properly and reinforce all that good you’re doing your body with nutritious food. You can put together Paleo, Vegan, Protein and Weight loss varieties and include sample and snack packs of a tasty variety of healthy foods. Avoid the Christmas weight gain with these unlike ‘traditional’ chocolate biscuit and jam hampers that aren’t so waistline friendly! If you need advice on what to pick just give me a shout in my Facebook Group. 


What’s on YOUR Christmas list this year?

Let me know in the comments below!

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