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3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

clean eating meal plan

If you are needing a quick, easy and simple way to get back into healthy eating after falling off the wagon then this 3 day clean eating meal plan is just the ticket.


While there’s no official definition of clean eating, most experts agree it involves whole, natural, nutritious and unprocessed foods, just as nature intended.


While some tout clean eating as a fad, I think anything that gets people eating healthier has got to be a good thing.


It only becomes a problem when treat foods are demonised in such a dogmatic way that it becomes obsessive.


Let’s be clear; unless you have an allergy or intolerance, no one food or food group will hurt you. Even junk food once in a while is fine.


Just For Her magazine asked me to help create a meal plan for their readers, and I think you’ll love it too.


Click Here or on the picture below to read the article and access the meal plan.

clean eating meal plan

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