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Are Dairy Free Yoghurt Alternatives Healthy?

dairy free yoghurt

The number of dairy free yoghurt alternatives are on the rise due to the amount of people choosing, or needing to exclude dairy from their diet.


Some people have to out of necessity, due to an allergy or intolerance to dairy.


And they taste a little different too, so I’m all up for (healthy) variety if it keeps things interesting for you.

But if you’re going dairy free purely for health benefits, it pays to know the facts and consider whether opting for dairy free yoghurt, milk, or cheese alternatives is actually taking you closer to your goal after all.

All the various foods available offer different benefits so it’s not a case of what’s healthy or not healthy, right or wrong.


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But a goal to lose weight might mean making different choices than a goal to improve digestion (though there’s always overlaps too).

Should you choose dairy free yoghurt over your regular brand?

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