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Ways To Deal With Chocolate Cravings Today

Chocolate cravings are a real pain when you’re trying to lose weight.

This blog is especially important if you have PMT right now – it will become clear later.

I want you to eat chocolate today (unless you have an allergy, duh).

I want embrace the fresh Spring……um…..rain? (never mind) and see the little flower poking up and feel mentally invigorated knowing that Spring and eggs represent the start of new, great things…

……and yes I want you to eat some chocolate.

Because I’ve got a task for you today.

We’re going to work your muscles. Your WILLPOWER muscles. 

I want you to believe yourself and trust yourself that you can have a little bit of chocolate, and put the rest away.

You won’t go back and have another bite every 20 minutes.

You won’t think what the hell let’s get it over with and out of the house (by eating it all in one go).

You definitely won’t feel guilty for eating a little bit.

You even won’t feel guilty for eating the whole lot if it happens……….but that does prove you’ve got some ‘up-skilling’ to do when it comes to your relationship with food.

But that’s NOT going to happen anyway.

Willpower is a muscle; it can be weak or strong, and made stronger.

How? By challenging it and exercising it, and like lifting a weight, it gets easier as you get stronger.

So now that’s your homework assigned here’s some ways to overcome that ‘give me chocolate now’ feeling. 

If you’ve got PMT it’s a fact this will be harder, so pay attention:

  1. Drink green tea (or even good old English Breakfast) – l-theanine and caffeine give you the ‘feel good’ factor, so you may not need the chocolate so much.
  2. Mix 2 tsp. cocoa powder and a little stevia with hot water and drink like you would coffee, with a little milk if you like. This is powerfully good for chocolate cravings.
  3. Step outside for 5 minutes – like a smoker would when they need a break & cigarette, but without the fag bit.
  4. Share it out. Generous, huh?!
  5. Find a recipe to make for the family – who’s got a birthday or other occasion that needs a chocolate cake? Green & Blacks ones use real chocolate not cocoa and are pretty good.
  6. Eat fibre – e.g. have an apple.
  7. Eat protein – e.g. pick at some leftover roast meat from lunch
  8. Eat fat – not a tonne of it, but a few nuts (e.g. 5-10 almonds) can be surprisingly effective for some people. And don’t make all your meals fat free!
  9. Go into another room (or people might think you’re mad) and do 10 squats, burpees, or 20 seconds of energetic high knee jogging. Exercise, even in short amounts, really works!
  10. Don’t be ashamed to say no. 
This last one is important. People will try and lead you astray. The don’t mean to hurt you, they just think you’re ‘missing out’ and ‘unhappy’ by not eating all the chocolate in sight.
They’ll say “just one day” or “don’t be a bore” or “you’re fine as you are”.
They really do mean well, but they don’t get how important this is to you.

Only you know that, and I know that, and it’s ok to not follow the crowd. It’s more than ok.

My chocolate hit usually comes from this Montezuma’s 100% chocolate bar. Not for the faint hearted but it does the trick with only a square or two!


Have a lovely Easter Day!

Polly xxx

p.s. struggling to cope win cravings, hunger, low energy and all the other problems ‘diets’ produce? Drop me a line at enquiries@thefitmumformula.com and we can have a free quick chat on skype to work out some strategies for you.

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