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Diet Myths Debunked

I can guarantee you’ve come across a few diet myths in your lifetime.

You can’t get away from them – every women’s magazine contains a huge array of diet and exercise advice, much of it confusing and conflicting, so it’s no wonder people get it wrong or give up altogether.

diet myths

One of the diet myths that does’t seem to die is the suggestion that there’s one correct eating pattern for everyone.

For example you need to eat little and often to boost your metabolism (not true).

Or that fasting is a great way to lose weight (also not true)

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I was asked specifically about skipping meals.

Is there a straight answer? Of course not! Intermittent fasting works great for some, not so great for others (interestingly women don’t fare so well – our hormones don’t like it).

So many factors come into the right way and amount to eat, as well as how many calories we burn.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

Studies show if you eat less you move less unconsciously – less walking, pacing, fidgeting and general moving around, known as NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and so are burning off less calories too.”

When you cut out meals from your diet and dramatically decrease your calorie intake, your metabolism slows down. “Contrary to what was previously believed we don’t need to eat little and often – three main meals a day are fine if that’s what you prefer. But most people will not feel at their best if they eat less often than that,”

To read the full article including quotes from other professionals and some interesting statistics head over to the blog by clicking here. 

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