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What If You Don’t Like Healthy Treats?

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It’s actually pretty easy to make healthy treats that are alternatives to your favourite treat foods like cake, biscuits and ice cream.


But while these can be equally delicious, they’re not exactly the same, and try as they might some people just don’t like the taste of healthy alternatives.


So if you want to improve your health you now have to make choices


– eat the natural healthy alternatives (and maybe get used to the taste)
– eat slightly processed ‘diet’ versions that taste more like the real thing, because they have things like artificial sweeteners (which are safe in normal amounts)
– eat the real thing but less often and in smaller amounts


You like cake (I get that) but you know you need to cut down.

So you try healthy versions (avocado, sweet potato, cocoa, mashed fruit, coconut flour etc) but they ‘don’t taste the same’.

So you check out slightly more processed bars & cakes that use artificial sweeteners and these DO taste good.

Except you don’t want to eat processed food / sweeteners etc.

You want a healthy cake that tastes EXACTLY like the real thing.

Personally I think natural healthy ones taste really good – but no they don’t taste ‘the same’.

And personally I think the occasional artificial sweetener won’t kill you, and that life is short enough without missing out on everything you enjoy, good for you or not.

But either way, you can’t expect something to taste like something it’s not.


(watch this afterwards to > How to Stop Yourself Eating Too Much Cake)


Want real cake and only real cake? Maybe you’re better off having the real thing but less often and in smaller amounts.

Up to you.

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If you DO like healthier versions I have a free healthy baking cheat sheet that helps you recreate your own favourite baked treats using nutritious ingredients, you can grab it here!


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