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3 Ingredient Toffee Apple Pudding

toffee apple pudding

I never did care for a toffee apple as a child; the chocolate dipped ones are much more appealing! I don’t think that’s changed; I’m the biggest chocoholic you’ll ever meet, but it’s more to do with the chewy texture of toffee which doesn’t match up to the melt in your mouth feel of a rich slab of chocolate.


You could say then that it’s about comfort food, and while what each person classes as comfort food is individual, most foods are all of warm, soft, easy to chew (so not toffee) and sit lovingly and heavy (in a good way) in your belly. Think macaroni cheese, shepherds pie, or sweet syrup sponge pudding.


So this protein toffee apple pudding ticks all the boxes. Warm, soft, sweet, and so easy to make. Eat it as a snack, for pudding, heck even for breakfast, it’s healthy after all.

The maca and lucuma add extra nutrients as well as providing a natural caramel flavour, but you can cheat and use a caramel or toffee flavoured protein powder instead. Most protein powders will work well, both milk based and plant based, but try and get a good quality one with no added sugar and fillers. Awesome Supplements and Reflex Nutrition do good whey ones, Awesome Supplements does delicious vegan powders(use POLLYH05 for 5% off all orders), or go completely natural with Pulsin’s powders (using code PTC20 to get 20% off) and add stevia and vanilla extract to sweeten.


Stewed Protein Toffee Apple Pudding

Serves 1


Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off all orders!



1 apple, cored and chopped (not need to peel – extra fibre!)

25g protein powder – either vanilla or cheat and use caramel or toffee flavour 

1 tbsp. maca or lucuma powder, if using



Stew the chopped apple in a saucepan until soft, but not really mushy.

toffee apple stewed apples

Add the protein powder and maca or lucuma if using.

toffee apple pudding mix

Roughly mash with a fork to get a textured pudding, where all the powders are combines and there’s no pockets of dry powder.

stewed toffee apple pudding


Looks like something you’d wean your baby on? Tastes like autumn comfort food!

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