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Why when you eat too much it does NOT make you gain weight

eat too much

I know what you’re thinking is she crazy? But let me explain why when you eat too much it does absolutely not mean you’ve ruined your diet.


It takes 3500 calories to add 1lb of fat (1/2 a kilo ish).


Let’s say you’ve been super ‘good’ with your healthy eating, cutting out all junk. Then it’s your kid’s birthday party and you eat two huge pieces of buttercream topped cake at 350 calories each.

Disaster! Diet Ruined! All the weight back on! Failure!

Except, no that’s not true.

Firstly eating ‘not healthy’ foods is fine in the context of an over all healthy diet and if banning things only makes you want more of them, you might want to reconsider having them in moderation, in smaller amounts and less often, instead.

But aside from that, let’s take our 700 calorie cakeathon as an example.


3500 extra calories = 450g fat gain

So 350 calories / slice = 45g

2 slices = 90g fat gain.


90g for goodness sake. That’s as good as nothing.

That’s not to say 700 extra calories every day wouldn’t add up; again the math says in 10 days you’d have gained 900g (just under 1 kg, or 2 lb). So not massive even if you ate two extra slices of cake every day!

Consistent over or under eating, over time, adds up to make a difference, not one time.

What does happen is you ‘slip up’, feel like a failure and give up, so DO go back to overeating a lot each day, because what’s the point in trying? And then you DO put on weight. But it wasn’t because of that ‘one time’.

What I didn’t point out on the video is that if you eat more carbohydrates and salt, as well as volume of food  on one day, you might be heavier on the scales afterwards or the next day. Your gut is more full, and the extra carbs and salt hold extra water. Carbs and a little salt are fine by the way, as is water weight – you need water in your body. That weight is not fat gain.

Click the image below for me to explain it all or click here to watch it on YouTube and remember to subscribe, and please share it because you just know you know women who do this one slip up and give up thing that really is unnecessary.

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Bar says June 14, 2019

Love this article! The way you break it down is like a breath of fresh air! Can relax a little 🙂

Polly says June 15, 2019

Ha ha yes treats every now and then are absolutely fine 🙂

Sakura says June 15, 2019

I recently discovered fried Oreos, and well…all I can say is this post is a bit of a relief Thanks for breaking it down so clearly!

Polly says June 16, 2019

Lol sounds amazing! As long as you’re not eating loads of them every day!

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