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Burn off the Easter Eggs With This Fun Activity!

This is the most awesome game to play at Easter with your kids, and makes a fab couple of hours out in the fresh air, AND it’s fantastic exercise! Egg Rolling is so much fun!


The tradition of Egg Rolling, also known as Pace-Egging, goes back hundreds of years, from the Old English word for Passover; Pasch, or Pesach. Competitions are help all over the country so there’s bound to be something near you, otherwise just go along to a suitable public hill and roll away!


  1. Boil some eggs, one for each family member, until very hard (10-15 minutes), then allow to cool.
  2. Get your kids to decorate them; felt tips, glitter glue and nail varnish work well; then allow to dry. You might have to do half an egg at a time, and rest them in egg cups to dry before decorating the other half.
  3. Wear some suitable walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing – we don’t want anyone moaning they’re too cold/wet/uncomfortable!
  4. Climb to the top of the hill and let each family member take their egg.
  5. After a count of three everyone rolls their eggs down the hill – keep an eye on where yours goes!
  6. Here comes the exercise bit – run down the hill to collect your egg, then climb back up again!
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until everyone’s eggs have smashed up. The winner is the person who’s egg lasted longest before smashing up beyond future use (you can keep going if there’s only a bit of the shell broken).

After all that fresh air and exercise you’ll all be ready for a hearty and healthy meal or snack, and you can almost guarantee everyone will sleep very well that night! Well, chocolate egg induced sugar highs permitting, or course….

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