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Ethical Exercise – Sundried Workout Clothes

You probably don’t need an entire wardrobe of workout clothes unless you teach exercise for a living.

But having a few key pieces of quality gear that does the job will help motivate you into actually doing some exercise in the first place.


After all leggings that sag at the crotch and a top that makes you sweat like a pig is no fun if you’re doing your best to get more physical activity into your day.



sundried workout clothes

Quality, not quantity, is what to aim for when it comes to choosing your workout clothes.



And if ethical and eco-friendly issues are important to you (they are to me)

Then look no further than Sundried workout clothing that ticks all the boxes (AND you can get a discount with the code below).


sundried workout clothes


Sundried clothes are made in the UK and Europe to minimise carbon footprint.

Materials are sourced in a way that mitigates harmful substances, pollution and other environmental hazards associated with raw material extraction.




And all clothes can be washed on a cool wash and dried in the sun in no time – bonus for us Mums who already have enough washing to do!

Sweat wicking technology draws moisture away from the skin, and temperature control keeps you cool in summer, and warmer when the temperature drops. Clever huh?!

The four way stretch fabric makes Sundried clothing incredibly comfortable, however active you are and whatever your chosen sport.

Here’s a recent video review I made, UPDATE the discount code now offers 30% off using code TFMF936JY:

As an ambassador for the company you can get 30% off all orders with the code TFMF936JY at the checkout.



You can check out the range and read my interview with the company here.

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