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Are these Diet Plans just Fads?

fad diet plans

Paleo, Atkins, Dukan, Clean Eating, oh no NOT ANOTHER FAD DIET! What’s causing this rise in ‘faddy’ diet plans?


Why can’t we all just eat sensibly?


Absolutely, that’s entirely what we should be doing. But before you dismiss these virtually household names on the basis that they’re promoting expensive products with a fancy logo, famous more from the celebrity following they have acquired than the methods they use, take some time to do some research and you might just find some, if you’ll excuse the pun, weight behind them.


Think about it – celebrity endorsement benefits the brand not the actor/model/tv personality in question. What they want is great results and to look fab as well as have the energy to keep up with their busy schedules.


So why do they follow these ‘diet’ plans?


Let’s take the examples I’ve listed above.


  • All are based around reduced, moderated or low carbohydrate intake.
  • They tend to focus on ‘real’ foods and discourage processed foods.
  • Any processed foods on offer are for convenience when on the odd occasion ‘real’ food is not practical or available, and these alternatives are deliberately specific; protein bars or shakes for example, as opposed to commercial snacks.
  • All discourage consuming sugar other than the naturally occurring sugars in (high fibre) fruit or (high protein) dairy.
  • A higher intake of protein than traditional Western diets is recommended, and ‘healthy’ fats are included.
  • They also all put their own spin on this advice and will try and get you to buy ‘their’ books/supplements/snacks etc., but the fundamental principals remain the same give or take a couple of degrees.


Why? Because these principals work!


A lot of the things I get my BodyBack members doing overlap with these diet plans.


I’ve basically taken the bits that work best, left the bits that don’t, and included a few grey areas which depend on the person in question.


Because that’s the thing about diets and food – no one plan suits everyone.


Which is why trying to follow ‘one’ strict plan likely won’t work for you.


The diet that works for you, is the *Your Name Here* Diet.


Going ‘extreme’ works short term, but you’re likely to be left hungry and craving ‘naughty’ foods, with not enough energy.


Demotivating at best, likely to make you quit at worst, and it certainly doesn’t teach you healthy lifelong habits.


If you want to look and feel great indefinitely, you have to stick to a lifestyle indefinitely, and this means learning the skills to adapt a plan to your personal needs.


So how is The Fit Mum Formula different to these branded diets?


I allow you to tailor your plan to suit your body, track your progress and adjust as necessary, so you find a balance that works for you indefinitely and can adapt with your changing needs.


I don’t leave you in a whirl of information overload – I’m with you right from the start to answer any questions or help you overcome any hurdles.


You’re not just a customer – we’re a TEAM. I help you, and with your feedback and needs we change/adapt/add to your plan so that whatever it is you need, I will provide.


Want to learn more about how I can help YOU lose weight, and keep it off for life? Click here to arrange a free consultation to see if and how I can help.


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