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Fallen off the Wagon? 7 Tips to get back on the Diet

fallen off the wagon diet

Have you fallen off the wagon and need some inspiration to get back onto your healthy diet and exercise plan?


It happens – whether it’s life that gets in the way or our own motivation waning, you can’t expect progress to be perfect and linear all the time.


The important thing is you pick yourself up get back on track asap, reminding yourself that caring for your body makes you feel much better in every way than throwing in the towel.


Here are 7 tips to get you back on track when you’ve fallen off the wagon.



  1. Accept it

Regret is pointless – what’s done is done. Ironically, many people beat themselves up over eating badly and comfort themselves with…..more food. You can’t change the past, you can change how you react to it. Learn, pick yourself up, and get back on plan.


  1. Stop trying to be perfect.

You’ll fail at that one – nobody is perfect. Aim to be perfect 80% of the time. If you try and do it 100% of the time and fail (which you will), you’ll feel like a failure.


  1. Learn from it.

Does skipping lunch make you eat twice the cake, all the kids leftovers and half a bag of nuts mid-afternoon? Now you know skipping lunch is a bad idea, and you can get organised to make sure you eat it. No time isn’t an excuse – even eating at your desk or drinking a protein shake in the car might be better that nothing for some people.


  1. Plan for next time

What do you need to do to make next time’s outcome different? Maybe you need to double the amount of fresh fruit & veg you buy each week so you don’t run out, or perhaps you can get familiar with the healthier options at your nearest café / shop so you can grap a quick work lunch on your break without wasting time.


  1. Take note of how pants you felt

Indigestion? Bloating? Remorse? Sluggishness? Low energy? Dare I say it a couple of pounds gained? Focus on those for a few minutes, write them down, remind yourself why eating well makes you feel well.


  1. Picture you

Next picture the opposite – the glowing, slim, vibrant, energetic, happy and confident woman you are when you’re treating your body well and looking after yourself. Write it down, use photos, make a mood board – this is who you are when you consistently treat your body with love.


  1. Feel the buzz

Remember the last time you took on a new project that you loved and dived into with enthusiasm? Maybe it was a project at work, planning your wedding or decorating the house for Christmas! Embrace it, enjoy it, and get going with the enthusiasm of a woman reaching for her dreams.



Do you need some help getting back on track after falling off? Sometimes it just takes an inspiring conversation with an outsider view to inspire you back into action.


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