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How to Find Healthy Disney Food

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Think of Euro Disney food choices and what comes to mind is American inspired fast food and candy floss. So today’s blog is to prove that you can eat healthily anywhere, including Disneyland!


With a family trip to Euro Disney in Paris planned last autumn I wasn’t worried about what food would be available, because I know how to choose the best from a bad bunch, wherever I am.


But not everyone can do this and a review I saw on Tripadvisor proved it when one person complained they put on a stone in 5 days because of lack of healthy choices. A stone! That’s some serious eating; you could eat 3 double cheeseburgers a day and most people still wouldn’t gain that much.


But while you’re most likely as aghast as I am at that story, finding ‘great’ meals at theme parks isn’t always in your face obvious. You need to look through the menus, pick apart set meals and often ask for things on the side.


But it can definitely be done, anywhere.


The restaurants and cafes I chose here are all in the Euro Disney Park, and were picked at random. They were the first 5 I clicked on as I didn’t want my choices to be biased after hours of sifting through menus. Nobody has time for that.


A note on drinks:

Only choose calorie free or low calories drinks; water or diet soda, sugar free squash, or tea or coffee with a splash of milk. If you want alcohol, have a couple of glasses a night max.


Calories are fairly wasted on drinks (bar alcohol which I realise is consumed for other reasons!) because they don’t fill you up at all, and there are plenty of almost identical low calorie alternatives.


Here’s what I’d choose at each venue. You get the idea; protein & veg/salad, watch the extra topping and sauces. Simple really.


  • Café Mickey

Slow cooked veal with morel mushrooms and baby vegetables, ask for extra vegetables instead of polenta.


  • Annette’s Diner

The original biggie chicken salad (which comes with grilled chicken, cheese, tomato, avocado, hard boiled eggs, olives, lettuce and honey-lemon dressing); choose ONE of cheese or avocado, and have the dressing on the side.


  • Café Hyperion

Fish burger with salad (it comes with a choice of salad or chips). If you’re doing a lot of walking, which you probably are, keep the bun, unless it’s massive, then eat ½ the bun.


  • Casey’s Corner

Vegetable salad with ‘cereals’ (rice maybe?), an extra side of cherry tomatoes, and a hot dog sausage without the bun. This place was trickier but as I said, no biased research – who knows if I might have to eat here and make the best of it!


  • Cowboy Cookout BBQ

Menu 1 (there are 4 ‘menus’ to choose from). Grilled pork sausage with Cajun spices, and side salad (you can choose salad or potatoes).


I caveat all my holiday / restaurant choices blogs with ‘but of course if you want a blow out, do it, own it, and make it a conscious, guilt free decision’.

That’s absolutely fine too, you’re on holiday after all! Just make sure to eat healthily most of the time once you’re back home and don’t fret if you’ve put on a couple of pounds as long as you enjoyed yourself and it was worth it.

Have you been to Euro Disney? What did you eat there? Come and tell us in my free Facebook Group here.

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