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The Fit Mum Formula Manifesto

fit mum manifesto

Being a Fit Mum is not about deprivation, or looking like an Instagram ‘fitspo’ picture, or living a life that’s right out of a glossy magazine. We’re real Mums with real lives to lead, and we deserve to feel good too.


I learned the hard way though eating disorders, exercise addictions and self-loathing that this all or nothing body hatred approach doesn’t work, and made me very, very miserable indeed.


Which is why I wrote The Fit Mum Formula Manifesto. It sums up my values, what I believe in, and what I want for all women.

If you like it or it resonates with you, please do let me know. I do this for you, so it really does make it all worth while when I know I’ve touched someone.


Click Here or on the picture below for a printable version you can stick up to motivate yourself when things gets tough, which they inevitably will at some point on your health journey.

fit mum manifesto printable


The Fit Mum Formula Manifesto


Every person, woman, Mum is unique. No one size fits all and nobody will be pigeon holed into doing things they don’t like, don’t want to do, or don’t fit their personal circumstances.

Mental health, happiness and emotional wellbeing comes before weight. Physical size and health is meaningless without psychological health.

A certain weight is not the goal. A good relationship with food and with your body is the goal.

Treat your body well, and being a healthy weight will happen naturally.

Healthy decisions come from loving your body, not hating it.

It doesn’t matter where you start from, what matters is where you’re going from here.

Food and Exercise are important, but not at the expense of family, relationships and fun.

The Fit Mum Formula will sacrifice profits to uphold integrity. If we don’t 100% believe in it, we won’t promote it.

Wellbeing is infectious. The more Mums I help, the more those Mums will inspire others in their lives.

Your past does not define your future. We’re all moving forward together.

Every woman deserves to feel amazing.

You can do this.


These are my values, and I wanted to share them with you to let you know that you’re not alone and you don’t have to battle with your weight, body, food and emotional ties to them any more.

I’ve helped many Mums though everything from free 10 minute phone calls to working together for a year, so email me at and together we will work out the best way forward for you.

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