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Try My The Fit Mum Formula Tesco Meal Plan!

tesco meal plan

Did you know the Tesco website has a meal planning function? I gave it a go and I’ve put together a The Fit Mum Formula healthy Tesco Meal Plan for you!

While you might find understanding the nutrition in foods and recipes complicated, it’s what I’ve been doing for years and means I can choose recipes that are not only tasty but healthy too.

The Tesco website recipes are a regular go-to of mine since many of them are easy and quick to make, and use every day, simple ingredients that don’t cost a fortune. In fact you can use filters like ‘on a budget’, ‘low calorie’, ‘dairy free’ or whatever other criteria you have.

Tesco have put together some of their own plans, and many customers have created plans. However I’d be wary of following someone else’s plan unless you know it’s been created by someone who is knowledgeable about nutrition.

The plan I’ve created contains 3 meals: breakfast, lunch and supper.

I’ve also put notes under some of the recipes, such as to add a side salad, or swap fruit yoghurt for plain Greek. They’ll be just as easy to follow, but a little more ‘Fit Mum’, nutritionally.

And if you really want to make life easy, in one click you can add the ingredients to your shopping basket, though if you do this be sure to take into account any notes I’ve added, and how many people you’ll be cooking for, and adjust accordingly.


The recipes included in my plan include:

  • Strawberry, Banana and Oat Chia Cups
  • Chicken with Cannellini Beans
  • Seven Grain Porridge with Berries and Seeds
  • Tandoori Fish Pittas
  • Banana, Spelt and Blueberry Pancakes
  • Nachos with Beans
  • Honey Roast Chicken
  • Little Gem Salad with Radish, Peas and Goats Cheese

….and loads more.

There’s room for a couple of snacks a day too. I’d advise one snack to be a piece of fruit or vegetable crudite, and the other to be something healthy but more substantial, such as a wholegrain, seedy muffin, protein bar, or Greek yoghurt and fruit.

There’s some healthy on the go snack ideas here if you need some inspiration.

A light bedtime snack or drink such as yoghurt or warm milk is also fine if you need it.

And finally you’ll get nowhere cooking without the right equipment. I love Le Creuset pots (and inherited a few after my Granny died, they really last that long! And the Japanese absolutely make the best knives.

Check out my The Fit Mum Formula Tesco Meal Plan Here!

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