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FitBakes – the High Protein, Low Calorie Cake (Review)

fitbakes low calorie cake review

Ella from FitBakes has created low calorie, high protein cake pots for health and calorie conscious cake and fitness lovers alike. But do they taste as good as real cake? I tried them and will give you my verdict here.


I love cake (don’t we all?) but I’m also a 5’2 petite woman who, despite exercising regularly, doesn’t have very high calorie needs. I also carry a variant of the FTO ‘obesity’ gene which means I have a big appetite. Catch 22!


Throw in a raving sweet tooth (especially chocolate – NOTHING would make me give up chocolate) and this means I either have to miss out (or eat ridiculously small portions when I do eat cake) or choose protein boosted fake cake impersonations that, well, just aren’t really cake!


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Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for good quality protein bars. 

UPDATE 2020: Fitbakes now have new packaging!:

But they’re not cake.

Well, FitBakes claim to have the answer; mini sized, low sugar, higher protein, low calorie cake selection pots that look like cake, taste like cake, are made with ‘real’ cake ingredients!

Can we have our cake at eat it?


How FitBakes Create Their Cakes

low calorie cake ingredients


FitBakes are still made with flour (albeit higher fibre wholemeal flour), but eggs are swapped for egg whites (lower calorie and fat), the natural calorie free sweetener erythritol replaces sugar, and moisture is added from yoghurt, quark, almond milk, and mashed fruit or vegetables depending on the flavour. A little protein powder is added for extra protein (in addition to the protein in yoghurt & quark, or nut butter).


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But the biggest genius in my eyes is that they’re not big at all – the mini snack size cakes, all around 25-50 calories each, are perfectly sized to have just one or two if your personal needs means you don’t need the whole pack.


Ever tried stopping ¼ way though a piece of café carrot cake? Impossible right?! We were told to finish our plate (showing my age?) and that’s a hard one to shake off.


The solution is to have a small, yet complete, portion, in the first place. Bravo FitBakes.


But onto the taste test. Truth be told, I’m not really a fussy eater, which means what I think is yummy, others won’t.


So when I taste test healthy products I enrol my fussy sugar loving husband and kids to help me. It turns it into a fun family activity and if they like them, you know they’re good.


fitbakes review


Wholemeal Carrot Cakes

These are almost 50% carrot so a pack counts as one of your 5 a day! They’re high fibre and low sugar, so more filling than they look for the size.

Ingredients: carrots, wholemeal flour, fat free yogurt, rapeseed oil, baking powder, baking soda, agave nectar, vanilla extract, erythritol, soft cheese, quark, cinnamon, egg whites.

Typical values per mini cake: 39.5calories, 8g carbohydrates (2g sugars), 1g fibre, 1.3g protein, 1/25g fat (from which 0.3g sat fat).

Typical values per 70g pack, (pack comes with 4 mini cakes): 158 calories, 31g carbohydrates (8g sugars), 3g fibre, 5g protein, 5g fat (from which 1g sat fat).

These were my favourite, lovely and moist, and hubby agreed. The kids weren’t so keen but carrot cake has never been children’s favourite. I remember as a child thinking the concept of putting vegetables in a cake was ridiculous!


Blueberry Chia Muffins

A classic, but with chia seeds for a superfood boost.

Ingredients: blueberries, chia seeds, whole wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, rapeseed oil, egg whites, vanilla extract, fat free yogurt, erythritol, almond milk, whey protein.

Typical values per mini cake: 35 calories, 6 g carbohydrates (0.7g sugars), 0.9g fibres, 2.5g protein, 0.8g fat (from which 0.1 sat fat).

Typical values (per 60g pack): 142 calories, 24 g carbohydrates (3g sugars), 4g fibres, 10g protein, 3g fat (from which 0.4 sat fat)

I found these a bit dry but the flavour was delicious. Hubby loved these, as did the kids. Win!


Sweet Potato Brownies

Another veg packed treat, which is also vegan if that matters to you.

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, medjool dates, coconut oil, maple syrup, almonds, oats, organic cacao, erythritol.

​Typical values per mini brownie: 29 calories, 5g carbohydrates (1.4g sugars), 0.8g fibres, 0.8g protein, 1g fat (from which 0.4g sat fat).

​Typical values per 80g pack (pack comes with 5 mini brownies): 147 calories, 26g carbohydrates (7g sugars), 4g fibres, 4g protein, 5g fat (from which 2g sat fat).

These have no flour in and as a result are a bit chewy, but on the other hand if you like dense brownies that’s a good thing! The chocolatey taste is deep and ‘grown up’ so not such a hit with the kids but great if you’re a dark chocolate lover like I am.


Peanut Butter Cakes

The highest protein of all FitBakes’ cakes, you definitely get your PB hit!

Typical values per 4 mini cakes: 44 calories, 5g carbohydrates (from which 0.3g sugars), 0.7g fibre, 3.1g protein, 2.1g Fat (from which 0.4g sat fat).

Typical values per 60g pack (pack comes with 4 mini cakes): 177 calories, 20g carbohydrates (from which 1.3g sugars), 2.7g fibre, 12g protein, 8.2g Fat (from which 1.5g sat fat).

Ingredients: Ingredients: peanuts (12%), whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt, rapeseed oil, egg whites, vanilla extract, fat free yogurt, erythritol, almond milk, soy lecithin, whey protein.

If you like peanut butter (and I do) you’ll love these. Hubby wasn’t keen on the slight salty taste but I think the sweet-salt combo is delicious, personally. Aurora loved them, but Bella doesn’t like peanut butter so her opinion doesn’t count (and to her credit she did try it, something that’s a challenge with kids and new foods).


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I have a free healthy baking cheat sheet that helps you recreate your own favourite baked treats using nutritious ingredients, you can grab it here!

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