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When Food TV Shows lead to Poor Food Choices (podcast)

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Why, despite there being new food TV shows on healthy eating every week, do people continue to make poor food choices?


Information is everywhere. Granted not all of it is fantastic or totally accurate, but the basics are pretty common sense. Eat mostly natural whole foods, get a good variety, eat lots of vegetables and fruit, drink enough water or other suitable fluids, minimise excess calories and junk food.


Yet it’s just not happening is it? Developed countries including the UK, America and Australia are fatter than ever.

I believe this is down to two factors:


  1. Not knowing how to eat well in a way that’s easy and sustainable, as opposed to a ways that’s hard to stick at, which is why most people can’t stick to a diet for very long, or end up regaining the weight.
  2. Mindset, and the motivational reasons that stop people doing what they know they need to do.


In this podcast I’m interviewed by James Roberts, who as an amputee athlete, is a role model for not letting problems (i.e. fewer limbs) get in the way of what you want to achieve.

We discuss shopping habits, problem solving, and those all popular TV shows we love to watch but leave us none the wiser!

N.B. This was recorded before the new (2018) series of ‘Eat Well For Less’ was aired and it’s great to see there’s more emphasis on healthy choices now.

You can find James on his website here, and his podcast features interviews with some fascinating people.

Click here to listen on YouTube, or click on the image below.


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