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Free 7 Day Meal Plan!

7 day meal plan

Get Your Head Out Of The Sand and

Kick Start Your Body Transformation Journey in Just 7 Days!

Launch Your Weight Loss Journey with this FREE 7 Day Challenge!

Not sure where to start? Start Here!

You are so confused by all the different diet options available….

Every magazine says something different…

The hardest part of any weight loss journey is just knowing where to start….

So that’s why I’ve made it easy for you!

No nonsense. No fads.

Just Real Results!



Why You Have Failed In The Past

  • You have no or very little willpower
  • You don’t have time to learn new recipes
  • Most plans are complicated and take time to get used to
  • You feel like you’re missing out on nice food
  • You don’t have time to exercise
  • You lack confidence in your ability to stick to a plan, because you’ve quit in the past
  • There are too many diet programmes to choose from – which is right for you?

Why The 7 Day Challenge IS For You

  • All meals & snacks clearly stated – just follow the plan
  • Very quick & simple meals – very little time or cooking skills required
  • Only 20 minutes a day no-equipment-needed exercise (before school run or lunch break friendly)
  • 7 days only – use it to kick start better habits and reinforce motivation
  • No willpower required – all decisions made for you
  • Get results in just 7 days – tried and tested formula
  • Ask me questions or seek support any time via the Facebook Group


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Let’s hear it from the Mums….

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Amy Tarrant, Mum of 18m old daughter;

“I had a great first few days on the 7-4-7 challenge and am quite proud that I managed to set my alarm 30 minutes earlier every day and do the workout before any child/emails/phone calls/housework could distract me! I feel so much more energised and did a pretty good job of sticking to the eating plan too (fell off the wagon a bit today at a family lunch but other than that all good).

Really like the style of your workouts and the easy food planner, I’m a big be”liever in keeping things simple and your programme has worked really well for me so far.


Karen Currie, Step Mum to grown up kids & Pole school owner; “I definitely have got the kick start that I’ve needed and I’ve started eating more thoughtfully. I’m now very aware that I’m eating to fuel my body and lifestyle that I want to live!”


Caroline Boniface, Mum of two preschoolers: “I lost inches and felt much healthier and stronger in myself. I feel I already know much more about how to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle.”


Stop Reading & Start DOING!


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