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Fun Fitness for kids – Keeping active as the nights draw in

An excellent guest post from Joanne McGowan of Act One Adventures, who provide fantastically fun Parties, Activity Classes and Events for children.


The summer holidays have come to an end and most of us are getting back into a routine of school/nursery again.  You have hopefully had a summer of getting out and about, playing in the park, in and out of the pool on holiday etc. Generally during the summer months it is easier to be active with your kids.  So how can we keep active with the kids as the days get shorter, weather gets colder/wetter?  Here are my top tips.


1) Get creative – There are plenty of activities that can be done at home indoors if the weather is not so good.  How about an indoor mini Olympics – doing step ups on the stairs, weightlifting with cans, challenges for one minute (ie running on spot, star jumps etc).  And how about musical statues?  This can be great with younger children and can be varied to get them to be different animals, shapes or to do a different movement each time the music stops


2) Games consoles are not the enemy – There are some great active games that can be used on a games console.  As the nights draw in my family and I love a game of Just Dance and my son and I have done Zumba on the xbox.  Keeps us fit and gives us family time too.

happy family of mother and her son enjoying ice skating together at winter at outdoor skating rink

3) Seek out indoor activities – Swimming, Bowling, Skating, Indoor climbing, Trampolining etc. There is so much choice today.  Where I live in Guildford I can think of at least 4 swimming pools, 2 trampoline parks, 1 ice rink, 2 climbing walls, all within 30 minutes drive.  Have a look at what goes on at your local leisure centre.  You may be surprised at what they have on offer that all the family can take part in over the Autumn/Winter


4) Embrace the weather –  Wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk with the family at a local beauty spot.  It is a great feeling coming back home and warming up afterwards and if you walk fast enough you won’t feel that cold anyway.  And even if it is raining, invest on some waterproofs and get out there splashing in puddles.  What is the saying?  There is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes!


5) Look at starting a new class or activity – This time of year can be a great time to start something new and most classes will be looking to attract new recruits at this time of the year.  I am starting a Pilates class myself next week and I’m looking forward to welcoming many new toddlers and their parents at my Active Adventure classes.  Having a regular activity to go to can be a great way of keeping active during the Autumn/Winter and can be a way of making new friends too for yu and your children.


Whatever way you decide to keep active this Autumn have fun doing it and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.


Joanne McGowan runs Act One Adventures which provides Active and Arty Adventure sessions for toddlers and their families in Godalming, Guildford and Farnham, Surrey and Children’s Parties across Surrey, Hamphire, Berkshire and West Sussex for children aged 2-9 years.  The emphasis is on Active fun whilst developing imagination and confidence in all who attend.


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