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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Well before I answer that, we must first ask, “Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite?”

You have it don’t you – cellulite that is.

Sorry, was I not supposed to remind you?!

Good job you’re not an A-List celeb, you’d be in the glossy’s every day with those wobblers right?!

I’m so pleased I’m not a TV celebrity, though at one time I wanted to be (I went to Italia Conti Theatre School)

I’m pretty sure us women criticise our own bodies enough without the rest of the world joining in!

The stupidest thing?

Almost every woman (up to 98%) in the world has cellulite –

Models, actresses, fitness stars

It’s just airbrushed out.

get rid of cellulite

Nothing sensational about it at all, it’s hardly newsworthy.

But why do we have it?

And more importantly how can we reduce it?

Well cellulite is essentially just layers of fat poking through the net-like connective tissue that’s everywhere on our body, but the backs of thighs are the most prominent place.

It is not a ‘toxin buildup’

It is not caffeine’s fault, or sugar, or ‘insert anything edible’.

  1. Your genetics may determine how ‘tight’ your connective ‘net’ is – a tighter net means the (normal) fat that there will be squeezed harder, resulting in more visible bumps.
  2. The amount of fat that’s there will determine how much there is available to poke through.


What can you do?

Not many treatments are proven effective – even those studies with ‘proof’ are usually funded by the company themselves.

Laser treatments warrant more studied – but wait until the results come out before spending your time and money on them.


The good news

Since one factor in cellulite is the presence of fat, if you are carrying excess body fat then you can lose this, and as a result there will be less fat to poke through the net, so less cellulite.

Unfortunately this only applies to those who do have excess body fat, as women (even very slim women, fit women, strong and toned women, and yes definitely me!) have some fat on their body (we’d actually die without it) so you can only reduce your body fat so much,

But that leaves hope and a solution for those of you who were wanting to lose a few pounds anyway.


The Take Away?

If you have weight to lose then first get your free QuickStart Fatloss Guide here.

The next drop me a line at telling me how much you want to lose and what’s stopping you from being able to do it. I’ll see if I can come up with a few easy ideas for you that you didn’t think of before.





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