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12 Healthy Christmas Food Swaps (no sprouts involved)

Having a healthy Christmas isn’t as difficult as you think.

And it doesn’t have to mean missing out on tasty treats either!

I’m the first to admit I’m a complete chocoholic and Christmas is no exception (in fact it’s more of an excuse!)


But with the average person gaining 5-7 lb over Christmas and suffering 2-4 colds over the Winter months, it really does pay to look after yourself in every way you can.

Of course this included fresh air, sunlight, sleep and exercise too.

But this list shows you that with some simple swaps you can have yummy treats at Christmas without compromising your waistline or your health.


Swap Terry’s Chocolate Orange for…

healthy christmas pulsin orange

Chocolate Orange Pulsin’ Protein Bars.

Because chocolate orange does not make a healthy breakfast, but these do! Also coming in a 50g size.

(get 20% off all Pulsin orders over £20 with code PTC20 at the checkout here)


Swap sugary fruit juices for…

Beetroot juice.

Seasonal, low sugar, and fabulous for improving poor circulation. Add it to porridge / soups / anything and turn it all an amazing purple colour!


Swap golden syrup and white sugar for…

Date syrup.

Still sugar, but also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesiumzinc, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.


Swap peanut butter for…

Walnut butter.

Because they taste of Christmas, and because they contain more omega 3 fats and less omega 6’s (which is a healthier ratio)


Swap chocolate selection boxes for…

Dark chocolate covered raw almonds.

Even my kids devour these, that’s how good they are.


Swap After Eights for…

Mint choc chip Pulsin’ Protein Bars.

Double up as a breath-freshening pudding. Nice. (see discount code above)


Swap white chocolate and cinnamon cookies for…

Quest bars

In white chocolate & raspberry or cinnamon roll. You can even bake these to eat warm!


Swap Doritos for…

Made from all natural nutritious, gluten free ingredients and come in all sorts of tasty flavours that fool my kids and husband into thinking they’re eating junk.


Swap cheap chocolate for….

Homemade chocolate made with cacao butter, cocoa, and coconut sugar. It’s so easy, just melt it all together. Makes great gifts too.


Swap stodgy sponge puddings for…

Protein mug cakes.

Make your own (lots of recipes online) or make it easy with a premade mix.


Swap white pasta for…

Lentil pasta

To have with your stews and in soups. It’s more filling, higher in fibre & protein, so you can use less of it.


Swap hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows for…

Protein hot chocolate,

Much more filling with less calories, but totally comfort in a mug! Add sugar free marshmallows as a treat!


Having a Healthy Christmas isn’t so difficult or boring is it?!

Want to brainstorm some more ideas for how to eat better without missing out? 

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