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7 Healthy Christmas Treats You’ve Never Tried

healthy christmas treats

Think Christmas has to be either about stuffing your face or being a food humbug? These healthy Christmas treats are just what the kitchen table ordered if you want to have your Christmas cake and eat it this year.


I’ve selected some amazing Christmas inspired recipes from bloggers across the net to bring you some Festive foodie ideas you’ve probably not seen or tried before.


The food / health / recipe blogger scene has blown up in recent years. So while you may be feeling disheartened at all the semi-dressed teenage girls flauting their young, child free abs at you on Instagram, there are some great bloggers creating tasty, healthy recipes that even the busiest, hungriest Mum can enjoy.


Gingerbread Oatmeal

Start your day with Spiced Gingerbread Oatmeal by Rebecca at SheWell to warm your belly on chili mornings and give you some energy to face the day. Add some fruit alongside for extra nutrients; stewed pear would be my choice! And definitely add some dark chocolate chips, it is nearly Christmas after all.

healthy gingerbread oatmeal


Carrot Stars

Not quite lunchtime but the kids (or you!) are feeling peckish? Bring out the cheesy carrot stars! A sneaky way to get your veggies in, with only 4 ingredients these are a good activity to do with kids during the holidays too. I’m pretty sure grated butternut squash or beetroot would work too, or even courgette if you dried the grated veg in kitchen towel first; if in doubt check with creator Amy at Healthy Little Foodies.

cheese carrot star biscuits


Chocolate Mousse

Not a fan of Christmas pudding? Me neither. I have the taste-buds of a child when it comes to fruit cake (or variants of), cheese, and sausages (give me BabyBell and Walls over stilton and Cumberland anyday). This chocolate mousse by Ciara at My Fussy Eater can be made even lighter by using almond milk and fat free Greek yoghurt, and contains calcium, and protein to keep you full longer. A Winter berry fruit salad alongside would be perfect.

healthy chocolate mousse


Spiced Fruit Bake

Fruit salad is usually better suited to Summer, but hot fruit salad? This one by Lindsay at Cotter Crunch looks divine! I think it would work just as well without the sugar and butter coating, and certainly lowers the calories. Try it topped with a dollop of low fat Greek yoghurt or fromage frais.

spiced fruit bake


Peppermint Energy Bites

Going for a run or brisk walk in the snow? People who exercise a lot need more carbohydrates than those who don’t. But rather than making that an excuse to raise the selection box, get your energy from dates and almonds in these beautiful peppermint energy bites (no cooking required) by Julie at Running In a Skirt.

healthy peppermint energy bites


Chocolate Dipped Oranges

Could you think or a more genius way of getting them (and you!) to eat fruit than dipping it in chocolate?! Amy and Natalie from Super Healthy Kids show us how to make chocolate oranges that have actual, um, orange in them.

chocolate dipped oranges


Stilton & Fig Salad

Trust Good Housekeeping to make salad look tasty! This stilton (I won’t be eating it – see above), salad is a way to get your cheesy fix without eating the entire cheeseboard. Serving 6 as a side, you can make it more of a main meal for 1 that’s high in vegetables, fruit and protein, and not so calorific, by using a tsp. each of oil and red wine vinegar per person to dress, and limiting to 3 walnuts per serve. Trim any visible fat off the ham to reduce calories without reducing flavour.

stilton christmas salad


Many thanks to the clever and creative foodies to helped inspire this post. And may you all have a healthy and tasty Christmas this year!

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