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Healthy Food is EASY To Get Here

Trust me you’ve got it good when it comes to healthy food choices.

I was in America last weekend, I’m a nutritionist and am perfectly capable of understanding food labels, but even I struggled to understand them and find actual well, just plain food.

It’s always a chemical concoction in a wrapper, heck I bet even the water is fake.

And you’ve heard about the benefits of grass fed meat right?

More omega 3 fats, less saturated (not that that’s bad, but o-3’s are awesome).

America is mostly rock the whole way across, so not much grass for said cows – check out my pic from the plane!

2016-03-17 16.30.50

Here in the UK we have grass, and lots of it.

Just look out the window on your journey – cows, in fields!

We have farms that produce organic dairy, an assortment of vegetables that grow year round, and a Nation that loves cooking (even if it is Bake-Off).

Even Budget stores like ASDA and Lidl sell organic whole produce!

Chatting to my new American friends, ones who are keen on being healthy (and as a result are happy in successful in all areas of their life – no coincidence), they really struggle to just get real food.

It’s on your doorstep here.

You’ll be supporting both your body and British agriculture just by eating real food.

Struggling to make a healthy life gel with a busy family schedule? 

I get it – I’m a wife, Mother, homemaker and business woman too so I’ve had to learn.
If you want some help making healthy eating a really easy and convenient part of your life Click Here to schedule a free informal chat and we can figure out some strategies for you.

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