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Healthy Packaged Snacks

healthy packaged snacks

While making homemade snacks and cooking everything from scratch sounds idyllic, sometimes we just need some healthy packaged snacks to grab in a hurry, when you’re on the go or when you’re just too tired to choose anything else!


These lists are not exhaustive, in fact the possibilities are endless.


But they are some of my preferred to go foods on the go, when travelling, on trains, or out for the day. Or simply to have on standby (in the case of ready meals and oven cook foods) for times when I’m exhausted and can’t be bothered to cook.

The basis for all of them is the same; protein plus veggies or fruit, plus fat and/or starch depending on your needs.

This video has my favourite go to snacks for when I’m busy & hungry, which let’s face it is quite often!

I aim for 100-200 calories plus fruit for an afternoon snack depending on the time between lunch and evening meal. In the morning it’s either fruit, veg sticks, or nothing if I don’t feel hungry.


(watch this afterwards too: 10 Healthy Snacks for Kids)


Mentioned in the video;


Biltong or jerky plus veg sticks

Vegan jerky plus veg sticks

1-2 Hard-boiled eggs & vegetables

Mini pot of hummus & vegetables

100-150g pot fresh Edamame beans

25-50g dried Edamame beans (snack style not cooking)

Bounce Balls, especially good before/after a workout

Quest protein bar, high protein and the most natural whey bars I’ve found

Pulsin protein bars (get 20% off orders over £20 on all Pulsin‘ foods with code PTC20)

Pulsin snack bars or brownie bars , pre or post workout (contains more dried fruit)

Ready-made protein shake – look for at least 20g protein and around 150-200 calories, plus fruit or veg

Chirps crisps – made with egg whites (protein), but taste like crisps!

Kale crisps, 30g bag, plus a piece of fruit

Pip & Nut Nut butter 30g sachet plus fruit / veg

Hemp seeds, 30g portion, plus fruit of veg sticks

Be Mind Fuel Chia pudding – just add water to a sachet

The Protein Works have a big range of protein snacks such as brownies, balls, truffles, snack bars and even popcorn. They’re more processed than some other suggestions but as a protein filled treat they’re very tasty!


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