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10 Healthy Snacks For Kids

Offering healthy snacks for kids is extra important because since they have smaller stomachs than adults and can’t eat as much in one sitting, they tend to eat little and often, making snacking an important part of a child’s diet.

But as any parent will tell you, getting kids to eat a healthy, balanced and varied diet is easier said than done!

Children are usually inherently fussy eaters, and many kids refuse to try new things.

They are also pretty demanding when it comes to eating sweets as a staple part of their diet,

But as parents we’re always trying to find ways of keeping them happy, their tummy’s full, and their little growing bodies healthy with nutritious meals and snacks.

But as one Mum said to me, breadsticks and carrots with hummus is getting boring, so what else could we give our hungry little monsters?

Here I’ll give you 10 healthy kids’ snack ideas

5 interesting but simple and fun foods to make
and 5 super quick foods for when you need something instantly

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