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Why Healthy Winter Food Matters Most

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When we think of winter food we think of dumplings and soup, pies and hot potatoes.


But adding more protein to your plate this season could mean a trimmer holiday waistline, fewer cavities, fewer colds, and more energy. Not to mention healthy, shiny hair.


As much as we crave starchy, carb rich comfort food when it’s cold outside, eating enough protein during the Winter months mean you’ll feel energised and are less likely to fall ill.

And that would mean missing out on all the parties – boo hoo!

So anything we can do to stay healthy this Winter is worth doing.

Forher Magazine asked me and some other experts to explain why protein is important in Winter – you can read the article here. 

Side effects of not eating enough protein include:

  • low energy – iron rich meat or vegan alternatives are especially important in keeping up our energy levels
  • low immunity – protein is important for the immune system, so a deficiency will lead to more coughs & colds.
  • dry skin and dull hair – both these are made from protein. Not a good party look!
  • weak muscles and slow healing – especially if you exercise, as protein is needed to build and repair muscles.
  • low mood – minerals in protein foods are important for mental wellbeing and happiness.


How to get enough protein in your diet.


Eat meat & fish – these are the best sources of protein, containing all the amino acids needed for a healthy body, as well as many important minerals. Think hearty roasts and meat & veg packed stews.

Use eggs & dairy – not only are these really convenient, they also contain minerals and lots of protein. Try omelettes, pancakes, Greek yoghurt and warm milk as a bedtime snack.

Go beany – replace other starchy carbs with beans and legumes which are higher in protein. Think mashed chickpeas instead of potatoes, lentils instead of rice, or add these to vegetarian meals along with nuts to get a bigger range of amino acids.

Don’t fall for protein gimmicks – a sugary processed cereal that has been ‘boosted’ with soy crisps is still a sugary processed cereal!

Consider supplementing – a good quality whey or vegan powder is both tasty and convenient, as well as extremely versatile. (get 5% off Awesome Supplements with code POLLYH05)

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Do you eat enough protein? What are your favourite winter meals? Let me know in the comments below, and if you’re stuck for ideas just say and I’ll help you come up with a few!


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