HIIT for Beginners

hiit for beginners

High Intensity Interval Training is great for burning fat, building muscle or toning up, and general heart and lung health, but it’s not easy! I contributed to a Redbull.com article about HIIT for beginners to help you get into this time efficient exercise.


You can find the entire article on the Redbull.com website here, or here’s the full (extended) quotes I gave the editors, below:


“For the very unfit, overweight, or people with medical conditions working out at this intensity may not be possible at first. If you are extremely unfit it would be wise to have a medical check-up before starting any form of exercise.
However ‘intense’ is a relative term and if walking briskly for 20 seconds followed by standing still for 30 seconds and repeating that pattern a few times is intense, then that’s a starting point and you can work towards more difficult exercises.
Studies of nearly 5,000 patients with a history of heart conditions and strokes have found HIIT to be perfectly safe.
Of course these great results HIIT gets aren’t to prove you needn’t bother working out more than 60 seconds or that for the best body composition or performance goals you don’t need to obviously put in more work than that.
But if 60 seconds is literally all you can spare, do it the right way and you’ll get a surprising amount from one minute a day.”
Want an easy way to get started using HIIT training? Give my free 7 day weight loss plan a go here which has no less than 7 videos to follow along to! They’re suitable for all fitness levels as you rest when you need to, so fitter people will rest less than beginners, and you can do the same workouts even as you get fitter and stronger!

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