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Home Workout Video: Indoor Cardio

If getting to the gym is a pain then a home workout is the answer to your fitness needs.

While having two hours a day to spend in the gym or even just go to a few fun classes might be a luxury for some,

The rest of us have childcare to arrange, jobs to go to, errands that need doing,

(FYI that’s exactly why The Fit Mum Formula was created – because at the time I had a 4 yr old and 7 month old and nobody was catering to my need to workout, even if the kids were by my side when I did it..)

A home workout doesn’t just mean static, resistance exercises like press ups and lunges either, even cardio can be done at home.

When people think of cardio they usually think going for a run or bike ride – not so useful if you can’t get out!

Cardio exercises get your lungs and heart working, your blood pumping so you have more energy and your skin and hair can be nourished, and burn calories which you need to do more of to lose weight.

Cardio exercises can also help muscle recovery if you also do strength training.

However doing cardio straight after strength training reduces the benefits you’ll get from your strength workout, so keep your cardio to a different time of day (6 hrs later minimum ideally).

In fact if you’re not a fan of cardio you need never go for a boring jog again – High Intensity training like I use in my BodyBack workouts gives you the benefits of cardio with the benefits of resistance training all in one, and in less time!

But if you feel you need (or simply enjoy) a cardio workout that you can do indoors, with no equipment?

In this video you’ll see :
– high knees
– deep jumping jacks
– burpees
– squat jumps
and an easy one you can do every time you go upstairs..
– running up stairs!

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