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30 Minute Home Workout Without Equipment (video)

home workout without equipment

This home workout without equipment is taken from my award winning weight loss programme for Mums (the BodyBack programme), with energising music dubbed over for a bit of a party vibe.

I was invited to present at the family fitness festival Refresh Festival hosted by Dame Kelly Holmes no less, so along with a Q & A and demo stand I lead this workout on the main stage to a crowd of enthusiastic Mums, Dads and kids who all had fun while getting a good sweat on and lifting their energy!

Oh and I got to meet Mr Bloom too, how awesome is that?!

kelly holmes mr bloom's nursary

The format for the workout is this:

Warm up at the start, followed by five rounds of four exercises; one upper body, one lower body, one core and one cardio, so you get a full body workout. Then we finish with a cool down. Always do the warm up & cool down.

It’s Interval Training but not as you know it. There are no set intervals – you decide when you can’t do any more, have a pause for a few seconds to catch your breath and have a swig of water (get a glass ready nearby), and join in again as soon as you can.

The saying goes, Work until you can’t, Rest until you can’.

You are better off doing, for example, full push ups and doing them properly, as many as you can until you’re exhausted (this may not be many if you’re new to exercise), then resting, than doing a full minute of floppy half-hearted things that aren’t actually working your muscles much.

If there are any exercises you can’t do due to injuries etc, simply swap them for something else you can do from earlier in the workout – it doesn’t matter what. Get in touch with me at polly@thefitmumformula.com if you’re really struggling and I can help find alternatives.

When is the best time to workout?

The best time is the one that fits into your life – else you won’t be able to do it regularly! For me this is first thing in the morning, before getting the kids ready for school. But that’s just me – you do what works for you.

What should I eat before and after?

Some people can workout first thing without food, or simply a cup of coffee, others may want to eat breakfast first to give you some energy. Try and leave at least 30-60 minutes after eating so you’re not jumping around on a full stomach. Afterwards try and have your next meal or snack within an hour as this will help you recover quicker and refuels your muscles for the next time you workout. A healthy mixed meal than includes protein (for muscle repair) such as eggs, meat, Greek yoghurt or protein powder is all that’s required, plus pre and post workout are the best time to consume some carbohydrates like oats, sweet potato or a banana. Workout nutrition is too big a topic to cover here so if you want to know more I’d recommend getting in touch via the email above.

awesome supplements pre-workout

So with that makes sure your area is clear so you don’t trip over things, you’re wearing comfy clothes and sensible shoes, and lets’ get into the workout!

Liked this workout? I have a 7 Day Plan that contains no less than 7 workout, plus an entire week’s meal plan complete with shopping list, and it’s your’s here for a snip at £7. Most people who follow it properly find it ‘really easy’ and lose 3-5lb.

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